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Watch Bill Gates talk (squirm?) about Jeffrey Epstein. Oh body language!This is the exact age when your brain function starts to declineThis is the scariest horror movie ever, according to scienceCoffee may be linked to this extremely coveted physical featureApple’s plan to scan your phone raises the stakes on a key question: can you trust Big Tech?Best business schools (MBA), ranked — with a diversity indexBill Gates’s dark prediction for the next pandemicShould we recognize 9/11 as a federal holiday?Worrisome new COVID-19 strain (Mu) is in 49 U.S. states alreadyJamie stole $30 million of iPads from Yale, say prosecutorsNFL star was searching for jobs online before linking up with Patriots6 surprising indicators you’re smarter than the average personThe jury for Elizabeth Holmes’s trial was selected. Here’s what comes next.The generous generation: millennials are most charitableThese are the careers where you are most likely to cheat on your significant otherBerkeley study just busted a major myth about success2021’s hardest-working states in AmericaWomen can only succeed as leaders if they show these 3 emotionsU.S. travelers removed from safe travel list to EuropeHiring frenzy among tech companies features salaries $100K to $250KWhat did Theranos do and how did Elizabeth Holmes get caught?The newest Las Vegas hotels you need to know about in 2021Myth busted: more testosterone does not lead to more successThe end of an era for collectors: MLB ends 70-year-old card deal with ToppsWhat is Pegasus? A cybersecurity expert explains how the spyware invades phones and what it does when it gets inStreaming and social media changed ‘the game’ of the 2021 Tokyo OlympicsThe most complex word in English is only 3 letters longMortgage outlook: In the August heat, rates may go for a dipWe just got proof that Uber has saved thousands of livesHow taxpayers end up paying off the insane tuition costs of grad programs at elite collegesIt’s a first: more women than men in Wharton’s 2023 MBA classRobinhood stock surges despite awful IPO; boon for billionaire brothersA former employee trashed his employer online — now they’re suing himWorking with the Mafia may not be as profitable as you thought5 tired travel myths put to bedMajor airline’s staff claims no transportation, lodging provided on the jobSimone Biles withdrew from Tokyo 2020 for mental health, how do you know if it’s time to prioritize personal care over success?Modern stars vs legends: Which singers have the biggest vocabularies?5 things you didn’t know you could recycle, repurpose or donateThe top 1% hold a record amount of wealth in the U.S. Here’s how much — and whyTwitter has a field day predicting what Elon Musk will announce nextWhat is the Great Resignation of 2021? (If you don’t know, you’ll want to read this)Meet the Olympian who’s also a Goldman Sachs analyst — and 3 other star athletes with full-time jobs25 things people are most afraid of revealingThe latest TikTok trend: quitting your job for everyone to seeThis ancient Greek theory can determine your personalityWhy our dislikes should be celebrated as much as our likesMindfulness meditation can make some Americans more selfish and less generous‘Not that cute’: employer mistakenly sends offensive email to job applicantHow have point and mile values changed over the pandemic?Why vacations feel like they’re over before they even startThis is why men take more risks than women, according to scienceSee where Warren Buffet’s $2 billion gifts to his kids have goneHusbands who don’t help with housework earn higher incomesMicrosoft’s security flaw update doesn’t fully fix the vulnerabilityThe most successful people get up at this ridiculous hour of the morningDrowning in tech: Visualizing our addiction to electronicsThe world coffee index 2021: The cost and consumption of coffee around the worldThe most successful Olympian from every countrySalaries revealed for current White House staff: 22 make $180,000Why “dealing with people” has become the biggest post-pandemic struggle for workers7 myths about retiring young debunkedMillennials making even $100K are living paycheck to paycheckHere’s why your flight might be canceled this summerWhat is a ‘rage room’ and how can you make money with oneHere’s what inflation could mean for Prime Day dealsThese are the best and worst cities for boomers, Gen Xers, millennials, and Gen Zers.What happens now that Juneteenth is a national holiday in the US?Raging email from Chicago mayor reveals tense relationship with workersIs this the end of remote work for Wall Street workers?Here’s why you’re more likely to get booted from flights this summerA guide to the deals at Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon during Prime DayBillions of emails and passwords appear in largest data leak ever; consumers should change passwordsRansomware threat elevated by FBI to 9/11 level — here’s what that means for youNYC to London in 3.5 hours: United Airlines buys supersonic jets that could change travel foreverYour next business flight may not serve alcohol and here’s whyBids hit unbelievable high for Jeff Bezos’ 11-minute rocket flightBill Gates timeline: From Harvard dropout to world’s richest person to scandal magnetAmazon reportedly in talks to buy MGM as streaming wars intensifyWhat the WarnerMedia-Discovery merger means for streamingFormer CEO Bill Gates had an affair with a Microsoft stafferA new reality TV show lets viewers invest in the next $1B companyThis is how much a stolen Gmail account is worthYour next job could involve A-Rod. Here’s whyThese are the world’s greatest leaders, according to FortuneAncient diet trick: Eating carbs to make your brain biggerOffice pizza party reject wins $32,000 discrimination settlementThe ‘Airbnb of swimming pools’ is expanding into courts and theatersBeware of password managers! New security breach raises concernsBill and Melinda Gates divorce lawyers have ties to Jeff Bezos, Warren BuffettJPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is ‘done’ with Zoom meetingsHere are the funniest tweets about the LSD-taking fired CEOWhat does business casual look like now?Super power couple Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage after 27 yearsIs Provo, Utah the next Silicon Valley?Bezos says 94% of Amazon employees recommend it. Workers call BS.New Apple hack is really bad; users urged to update OSYou can travel to Europe soon but there’s one catchRevenge travel stats: who’s doing it and for how muchScience pinpoints why we all have “Videoconference Fatigue”Italian man paid for 15 years despite never showing up for workOracle plans to bring 8,500 jobs, $1.2 billion campus to NashvilleWeekly unemployment claims fall to pandemic-low as recovery continuesEverything you need to know about Bitcoin so you don’t sound completely cluelessThe bizarre effect Zoom meetings are having on womenThe reason so many Millennials plan to quit their job after the pandemicThis is the first sign of a post-pandemic work uniformA return to offices is going to be a minefield of weirdness and this is whyCompanies are hiring bosses with these qualities for a terrible reasonMark Cuban’s secret billionaire Snapchat group will blow your mindUS economy adds whopping 916K jobs in MarchYou don’t know about these young millionaires, but you shouldJeff Bezos reportedly behind Amazon’s fake union TweetsVirtual internships? Not for Goldman Sachs new intern classPants are optional over Zoom, as demonstrated by this CNN personalityGoldman Sachs CEO responds to ‘inhumane’ workplace cultureThis is what the return to work will look like for NYC employeesLeaked Survey reveals work hours of Goldman Sachs bankers and it’s not goodWoman embezzled 430K from employer to spend on cruises, shopping spreesGoldman Sachs CEO in hot water for using company jet for lavish getawaysHow Elizabeth Holmes’s pregnancy will affect her criminal trialHarvard researchers just identified why most conversations are awkwardThis is how white-collar criminals sleep at night, according to a professorDo big tech companies exploit our data?Why Chick-fil-A is so much more efficient (and friendlier) than governmentWhy the New York Stock Exchange could soon flee the stateWhy competition is the antidote to big tech’s bad behavior, not politiciansThe super weird side effect Zoom is having on you no one will talk aboutPaul Krugman’s hilarious 2015 Bitcoin prediction and the value of intellectual humilityThe shocking trend men are following for their Zoom callsA guide to surviving your boss’s corporate scandal1 Tweet just reignited the epic unpaid internships/exploitation debateThis is how Elizabeth Holmes plans to skirt fraud chargesThis super powerful CEO just called remote work an ‘aberration’This man’s testimony could be key to putting Elizabeth Holmes away for yearsA post office employee used this surprising strategy to embezzle over $700KThis is how much money Jeff Bezos makes every secondThe 5 things you didn’t know about Harvard Business SchoolIf you use this popular emoji at work, you could damage your careerThis is why Carlos Ghosn’s accomplices fear trial in JapanWomen are better at this important social skill than menFraud, money laundering charges filed against Atlanta PPP borrowers“The brain economy” is the newest, biggest scamThe big short squeeze: The untold story of Reddit’s golden investor5 things you need to know about Andy Jassy, the new CEO of Amazon3 super enjoyable books to read this month that will also help your careerJeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon’s CEO later this yearHow this high-up Nissan executive escaped the same fate as Carlos GhosnHere’s why you shouldn’t assume someone is happy just because they’re smilingFormer Make-A-Wish CEO stole thousands from charity, gave herself secret bonusThese MBA program average scores have dropped significantly (this is why)Respected electrical contractor in Philly commits tax fraud, owes $90KThis frowned upon activity is actually great for character buildingMass arrests made in $810 million Hong Kong money laundering schemeThis is how much jail time Carlos Ghosn’s accomplices faceWhy Elizabeth Holmes doesn’t want a jury to learn this about her lifestyleHow Elizabeth Holmes used psychopathic body language on employees and investorsElizabeth Holmes has now been accused of destroying evidenceAmerican businesses could save thousands with a hybrid work modelFinancial director is heading to prison for stealing over $700KRide-sharing apps had this surprising effect on citiesMildred did it! Office manager steals $2.3 million to fund horse farm, shopping spreesThese are the top 8 phrases used the most in our 2020 vernacularResearchers just discovered why you share your private information onlineChristmas in the new normal: 5 ways to celebrate remotely with loved ones this yearThis is what Bill Gates predicts 2021 is going to look likeIf you write this word in an email, it could cost you the jobWhy paying people to get the coronavirus vaccine won’t work5 color-themed holiday gifts to help your loved ones spruce up their home in 2021How these transit workers racked up $450,000 in an overtime payment scamIf you commute in this city, your car is likely to get stolenThis holiday activity will put you at the most risk for COVID-19If you live closer to one of these areas you’ll be much happier12 old-school habits that are becoming obsoleteMust-know tips for taking advantage of a Black Friday unlike any beforeWhy reading books is better than reading summariesWhat the Marlins GM Kim Ng means for working women everywhereThis is the real reason you are addicted to chocolateShould college students go home for the holidays? This is what experts sayIf you sleep in this position, you will have more nightmaresWill a second lockdown ruin the career prospects of working parents?Ex-Microsoft engineer steals over $10 million, gets 9 years in jailAlmost 50% of Americans would rather pay $5,000 than do this during the holidaysThese are the 4 books Bill Gates thinks you should read right nowHere’s what an expert says the real estate market will look like in 2021The weird side effect from Zoom meetings everyone will be talking about soonThe bizarre psychological phenomenon behind fewer women working in STEM5 industries that thrived during COVID-19Barron Trump has COVID-19. What you need to know to about teens and coronavirusA lot of people won’t be doing this during the holidays because of COVID-19If you are from this state, this is your favorite Halloween candyAccording to psychology, these are the best types of friends to haveThis man was fired due to ageism and being ‘too American’If your voice sounds like this, you might be a cheaterYou may notice this weird thing about fall leaves this seasonThis is why you are so addicted to the apps on your phoneThe weird trend effect quarantine had on Americans and coffeeYale researchers say this is how our brains react to different social situationsThis study shows how the internet is ruining our reading habitsIf you did this activity as a kid, your brain is in better shapeThis is why you can’t stand certain restaurants — and it has nothing to do with foodThe majority of people drink their coffee like this year-roundIf you participate in this common holiday event, your risk for COVID-19 multipliesI tried Instagram Reels and this is what happenedMurder hornets could invade the entire US unless this happensBill Gates says COVID-19 has changed this part of our lives foreverThis is how our minds measure secondsThis study just discovered a global emotional languageI tried wearing makeup every day for a week and this is what happenedCornell researchers just discovered something interesting about successThis simple, kind habit boosts attractivenessThe second round of ‘quarantine fatigue’ may be more brutal than the firstRestaurants automatically add a tip to the bill — here is the reason that is badThe number of people who will go to a movie theater during COVID-19This study just revealed the truth about those annoying robocallsBusiness casual has been redefined due to COVID-19. Here’s howThese are the 10 jobs that will kill you the fastestThis study will make you want to be back in the office again7 working parents on how they’re navigating school this yearStudy finds if women simply stand next to men in photos they are seen as successfulYou can now use an Instant Pot to decontaminate your mask, experts sayHere’s what kids really think about adultsThis dream job will pay you $1,000 to watch great moviesMost parents can predict what career their kids will have, study findsHere’s the office mask etiquette you need to know before returning to the workPeople can adapt to a ‘new normal’ very quickly it turns outWhat your communication habits reveal about youHow recent current events have completely altered our social media habitsResearch discovers you don’t need this in order to be happyThese are the best and worst airlines to travel on during COVID-19The number of Americans that plan to travel for vacation this summerScience has discovered a way to make new medicines using this common liquidIf you spend time doing this activity, it means you are a bad personThis is the age when you find the music that defines youOver 30% of men say they have never done this simple household choreWhat your networking style says about you (and how to make the most of it)This is why some memories are clearer than othersThis is the absolute worst kind of gift to giveRisk takers often prefer this type of beer, according to researchThis is what happens when food touches your tongueDoes taking selfies make you a narcissist? This study has the answerNew research explains exactly how much damage COVID-19 did to employmentNew Yorkers are now scared to go to this place and it could hurt their healthThe shocking number of workers planning to leave their job due to COVID-19This is the most embarrassing thing to forgetStudy finds all people, and even monkeys, share similar thought patterns5 books to read this summer that will take you to a different placeThis natural tendency is the secret to big salesAging in America: Actuaries conclude 7.5% risk of major party presidential candidate dyingYou could pay up to $10,000 in fines if you go to one of these 9 hotbed statesThese are the 10 cities where the most successful women workFood insecurity is still an issue in NYC, and kids are facing the worst of itWhen does misery peak? Researchers say they’ve determined the exact worst ageThis is the shocking amount of money it may cost to commute into New York City soonThese are the life goals that are being put off for years because of the pandemicThis is the exact age when we turn into our fathersAmericans are really, really unhappy right nowThe weird reason people lie so much, according to researchWhat the Supreme Court ruling on Title VII means for LGBTQ employeesCan you really learn a language from an app? This is what experts found outThis billionaire investor says white collar workers’ jobs are in major jeopardyCornell researchers may have just revolutionized the morning commuteNew York City Phase 1 reopening could mean 400,00 workers returning to jobsThis is the next global languagePeople generally want to help each other, study findsThese traits automatically boost your social status no matter where you liveWho am I? I am a Black man who happens to be the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.Air Force’s top enlisted leader speaks out in wake of George Floyd’s deathThis is what the future of shopping could look like, according to Cornell scientistsMark Zuckerberg thinks this group of workers should be in the officeYour cocktail may come with a summons on the side in New York CityCOVID-19 surcharges could be on your next restaurant billEverything you need to know about Manhattanhenge 2020Researchers just made a major discovery about hand gesturesNew study finds cats can spread Coronavirus to other cats without symptomsWhen work means jail time for youNew study suggests only 9 states are truly ready to reopenNew report says crime wave could hit upon New York City reopeningThese 3 industries have lost nearly 20 million jobs due to COVID-19What needs to go right to get a coronavirus vaccine in 12-18 monthsThis is exactly how much news (and shows) Americans are watching during COVID-19The weird psychological reason people reveal so much about themselves onlineThese are the best and worst states for working moms in 2020When it comes to online scams, most people believe it can’t happen to themThis is the number of people who will die if the country reopens before JulyThe weird reason we are so entertained by movie villainsNew York is seeing car crimes surge during CoronavirusThe 5 common (and lethal) career mistakes most people make during a recession, according to expertsThe first Earth Day was a shot heard around the worldSocial distancing is worth the economic fallout, economists sayThis study explains why humans are creativeHere’s something to look forward to in old ageSummer is canceled: Beaches may close this summer due to CoronavirusPreparation eliminates fear: Here’s how to actually live presentlyThis staggering number of New Yorkers say Gov. Cuomo is their most trusted source for COVID-19 newsWay of the future? Students learn just as well online, Cornell study findsYou can make a difference in a pandemic — even if you’re not an emergency worker75% of New Yorkers don’t expect life to go back to normal for at least another 2 monthsMany of the apps on your smartphone contain vulnerable secrets, study findsZoom layoff calls are the new normal during COVID-19 and this is how you get through itThis is how many companies are likely to have layoffs in the next 3 monthsStrangers can tell your social class based on just your facial expressionsHere’s the science behind why we don’t desire an item as much if everyone else has itCoronavirus-hit New York slammed by crime wave‘Officers are scared’: How COVID-19 is affecting cops around USDon’t be a victim of these 3 common cyber-crimes during the Coronavirus crisisCovid-19 stimulus package: Who qualifies for what and what you need to knowWhat will happen next?5 good things that will follow from this pandemicHaving this blood type might put you at a higher risk for the CoronavirusHow ESPN is approaching sports during the Coronavirus outbreakAn American student living in Italy describes what it was like to watch the country shut down as the Coronavirus panic spreadThe first Coronavirus vaccine trial is officially underwayHow Bill Gates and Microsoft are trying to find a cure for Coronavirus as fast as possibleDo people with a dark sense of humor have a higher IQ?How the Hubble Telescope is helping fight gender biasHow workplaces are handling the coronavirus outbreakHow coronavirus is affecting other things than healthWhat Coronavirus could mean for the future of telework13 grammar rules that changed since you were in schoolThe age people are the happiest and whyThe 11 states with the highest divorce rates12 things people decide within seconds of meeting youEntropy: why life seems so hard and complicatedNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happy14 marketing experts predict the trends of 2020 (and beyond)The truths about commuting to work might make you cringeThe amount of money the Super Bowl is going to cost businesses is shocking7 key differences between having a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset7 strategic planning mistakes most leaders makeAn analysis of the workplace toxicity at travel brand Away that led to an executive resignationThese are the worst routes to fly this ThanksgivingMillennials would give up this for an entire year to have a job they loveAre Baby Boomers the future of the workforce?Why fewer people are visiting Starbucks, according to this studyThere are 3 types of arrogance. Which type do you have?This is the science behind why some athletes completely abandon their moralsPlayers who believe the hype about their competitors are destined to play worseNew report reveals a bigger problem than the “glass ceiling” and it starts at the very beginning of women’s careersBosses face more discrimination if they are women – from employees of any genderLate Oracle CEO Mark Hurd explained to us one of the unspoken attributes of a great leaderPeople know your social class within a few seconds of speech – and it can really hurt your job searchThe shocking health effect of awful work commutes and what you can do about itThis new study shows how Millennials really spend their timeThese are the best cities to live in if you want a really good office lunchStudy finds people tend to lie the most when they are in this type of situationIf you want to live in the fastest-growing city you should live here, according to this surveyThis is the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make, according to Mark CubanThis ‘Avengers’ star has a great hack for dealing with loss of controlThis major superfood lunch staple may not be around much longerThis is main regret most people have about their careersRead this survey if you stop for breakfast on your morning commuteA detailed look at female small business owners (from perks to challenges)Why Melinda Gates is putting $1 billion toward gender equality over the next decadeStudy: We can text almost as fast as we type nowWhy historians are fighting to save Thomas Cook’s enormous archiveLower-income Americans are on the hunt for new jobsThese states invest the most in their children’s educationA Fortune 100 company has blocked fantasy football on its work computersThe majority of Millennials are unable to do this simple thing because of their phone addictionsWhy companies are hiring the formerly incarcerated‘They want some adult supervision’: What’s next for WeWork ex-CEO Adam NeumannAnd now Millennials are being blamed for killing Amtrak’s nostalgic dining carThis dream job will pay you $1,300 to give you nightmaresDream job alert: Get paid $1,000 to drink local coffee for a monthWhat’s going on with WeWork? Internal strife, culture clashes, and a dreaded IPO delayCareer lessons learned from New York Fashion WeekThese are the professions Americans trust the leastActress Michelle Williams advocates for equal pay in Emmys speechThis is the most narcissistic generation but there’s hope for themWhat stresses travelers out the most at an airport might surprise youThis new Barbie doll wants girls to explore STEM career pathsFor introverts, faking the extrovert lifestyle has a positive outcomeHow massive is the U.S. stock market compared to the world5 things we learned from this remarkable Bill Gates interviewHalf of gig workers say this is the reason that they left traditional full-time workThis survey reveals the truth about how Millennials tipStudy reveals why we find some art more beautiful than othersNew study reveals best ways to avoid data breachesHow this new legislation could shape the gig economy and college sports foreverThis study clears up a lot of myths lobbed at older entrepreneursThe best (and worst) public transportation options for commutersPeople that are good at these 2 things earn $94,000 more a yearThis is the job most kids wanted to be growing up, according to this surveyThe most powerful woman in fashion on the one thing your team must do to succeedData shows that going to an Ivy League school is no longer a requirement for Fortune 100 CEOsAmericans would rather do this mind-numbing task than be put on holdThis is the shocking number of parents that say their pet is their ‘favorite child’If you live here, you are living in the happiest state in the USThis study will make you feel a lot better about humankindCalling wannabe interior design critics — this is your dream jobOn average, boomers have held more than a dozen jobsEmployees are overworked more in this state than any otherThis is the best city to retire to, according to a surveyIs this weird accessory the replacement for the ‘finance bro’ fleece vest?Tell only this kind of person about your major goal if you want to succeedPeople with visible tattoos tend to have these personality traits, according to economistsStudy reveals frequent instances of plagiarismThis is the worst city to drive in, according to a surveyMillennial and Gen Z workers have low job satisfaction and really want rewards and prizesThe most diverse cities in the United StatesThis is how technology and social media impacts the way we communicateHalf of Americans are preoccupied with one thing (and one thing only) when they vacationBeing a fan of a winning sports team can change your life in ways you couldn’t imagineStudy finds the type of music you listen to can impact your way of thinkingListen up! Study says book snobs aren’t better than people who prefer audiobooksThis is how much people are spending on back-to-school shoppingThis is the most popular way to find your significant otherMore than 8 in 10 workers cry at work (and that might be a good thing)Americans wasted an astronomical amount of vacation days last yearThis is the group most likely to move for their significant other’s jobWhat children really think about their parents’ finances, health, and careersThis company will pay you $100,000 to leave your day job to pursue your dream40% of people who work this way were more likely to have been promotedThe surprising way people choose which college to attendThese are all the books Barack Obama is reading this summerResearch reveals the shocking, most common source of financial abuse against the elderlyThe shocking way hackers can steal your password using this soundTaxes, go to DMV, and visit the dentist: Things people rather do than moveThis is the dream job of every college football fanaticThe trailer for your soon-to-be-favorite workplace drama just droppedThis survey reveals when parents are happiest (and it’s not what you think)Dream job alert: Get paid to watch (a lot of) ‘Friends’ for cash and swagTurns out a negative pep talk from a coach can make you more successfulStudy: Your sunscreen releases really horrible things into the oceanNearly half of workers have anxiety about this catastrophic career eventDid a censored female writer inspire Hemingway’s famous style?This is the surprising age when you are most adventurousSurvey: The reason the majority of employees feel that they’re more qaulified than their bossStudy: Americans spend this shocking amount of time on their phonesIf you’re traveling without this, you may need to sweat it out firstThe unexpected consequences of adult children receiving financial aid from their parentsThese prehistoric (and super scary) giant parrots and penguins once roamed earthThis is the exact age workers think they’ll experience age discriminationThis is why young men find older women so appealingStudy: Sharing your dreams with others boosts emotional intelligenceThis is exactly how much of your paycheck goes straight back to paying down student debtThis is the group of people who hate their neighbors the mostA disturbing percentage of your kid’s teachers are thinking about quitting due to bad payA shocking percentage of doctors are burned out now more than ever, new report findsThis is how much people would pay to get a ‘good neighbor’The brothers behind Dos Toros on vision, inspiring people, and why you need the perfect playlistAs Herman Melville turns 200, his works have never been more relevantChew on this: Your environmentally friendly lunch takeout bowl is actually full of ‘forever chemicals’This type of person is prone to get more (and better) sleepCoffee won’t keep you up. But these other vices might.Americans are smoking a ton of marijuana, but does your job even care anymore?If you are most productive during these hours you may be an advanced sleeperYou’ll never guess which restaurant has America’s best burgerThink twice before allowing your preschooler to have a TV in their roomThis is what Meghan Markle thinks is the perfect summer beach readThese are the Top 10 stressors for moms going back to work post-maternity leaveWatch out: Men with more of this are more likely to cheatYour next prescription could come to your front doorNobel Prize-winner Toni Morrison’s brilliant approach to work-life balanceMemorable quotes from Nobel Prize-winning author Toni MorrisonThere has been a 159% increase in this type of workingAccording to a new survey, these are the ages most people feel ready to marry, buy a house and have childrenA shockingly high number of workers leave their jobs in under a monthWatch out! Your generic phone charger may explodeReport details the surprising viewpoints Millennials have on activismYour kid probably thinks your beard is really, really grossThis generation is the largest, but also the loneliestIf you cheat on your spouse, you’re probably doing this at workGet your geek on: Couples that play Mario Kart together are happierA shocking number of people lie about this when they are dating someoneThis wearable AC unit might be the secret to keeping you cool in the summerIf you are taking an Uber Pool, there is a strong chance your carmate will be named thisStudy: Veterans tend to have better careers than people that didn’t serveWhen it comes to dating, people care more about these 4 things over IQThis is the state that is the most obsessed with avocadosTurns out trash-talking in sports is surprisingly effectiveThis study explains when it is OK to tell a lie32% of Americans are doing this mindless activity “almost constantly”9 Guinness world records that will likely never be brokenThere is a day of the week and time when you are most productive (if you have this office setup)People try drugs during this time of year more than any otherMark Zuckerberg’s “sleep box” invention has raised over $188,000 on Kickstarter and you can pre-order oneMeghan Markle is actually a great boss, according to those close to herMapping out the ‘filthy rich’ in each stateThe 7 most underwhelming European tourist attractionsPeople who eat this type of breakfast tend to make more moneyThe true reason Musk, Bezos, and Branson are obsessed with spaceMost lucky people still think they earned their successesThis woman wrote a book about (and lived) every stressed out Wall Street worker’s career fantasyBreaking news: Women are now seen as equally or more competent than men by most peopleIf you’re a woman working for pay, there’s a greater chance that you’ll remember reading this articleThe 7 best podcasts of 2019A booming international movie market is transforming HollywoodMiley Cyrus isn’t having kids because of the environment; here’s why all the other Millennials aren’t having kidsEurope’s largest waterfallMeet the 29-year-old female engineer helping us get back to the moon (and beyond)This is the day of the week when people tend to be the most creativePIVOT! Pottery Barn is launching a collection based on your favorite episode of ‘Friends’Time’s up James Bond. There’s a new 007 and she’s a womanMore and more workplaces are moving toward casual dress codesStudy: Rideshares are convenient, but deadly, and can cost up to $10 billion in lost livesThis may be the key to getting teens to smoke less marijuanaThis is the shocking number of couples that consider divorce because of their wedding debtSo Americans are the most annoying to travel with…according to this group of peopleBill Gates believes it was this magic ability of Steve Jobs that made people worship himFinally, something awesome every generation can agree onSurvey: You’re gonna miss these things the most after you have kids14 unexpected countries that have banned single-use plasticsThis is the number of kids that just go to college for the partiesOlder Americans are more likely to spend this disturbing number of hours aloneThis is the exact amount of time before parents want to send their kids back to school in the summerThe next step for US Women’s National Team is equal payYou may be surprised how most Americans would spend $10 million5 words upper-level Fortune 500 employees use to stand out on LinkedInTurns out ancient crocodiles had vegan diets, according to new findingsA shocking number of teachers under 30 work a second jobBill Gates reveals why Warren Buffett was an invaluable source of support during the stormiest period of his careerDog owners show more affection to their dog than the people they live withThe death of the character-building teen summer jobThe amount of vacation time people don’t take will sadden youThese 9 books are perfect summer getawaysThis is what actually happens in your brain when you have a near-death experienceThis city has the highest unemployment rateYou will be shocked by which generation is the worst with moneyFecal parasites found in pools getting summer swimmers sick: CDCContent Marketing Institute’s GM on how brands can infuse storytelling into their campaignsThe secret behind MLB’s home run record-setting yearThese are the most (and least) patriotic states in the U.S.This is where underage kids are most likely buying their tobaccoA disgraceful number of people feel no regret in peeping into their partner’s phoneThe average office worker has this many programs open at onceStudy: Millennials becoming less accepting of LGBTQ peopleWorld Cup soccer star Marta makes inspirational plea to next generationScience backs up this ‘How I Met Your Mother’ theory on hot peopleProlonged sitting estimated to kill 70,000 in the UK a yearBeware: ‘Foodie calls’ are on the rise in the USThis study shows why losing your wallet might not be the worst thingCoffee Meets Bagel CEO on turning down $30M on Shark Tank, working with family, and pursuing her dreamThis is the exact amount of space couples living together need to stay happySurvey finds that the majority of people hate emailsThis is the actual difference between half-full and half-empty thinkersOut-of-control employees had the chutzpah to expense these ridiculous thingsThis is the type of child who will be earning less at 35This is how many full-time jobs a minimum wage worker needs to afford an apartmentThe exact salary Gen Z expects to make right out of college will shock youSurvey: This is the most stressful kind of debt to haveNew study on mice uncovers surprising aspect of the aging processOne-third of Americans plan on working during their summer vacationAnna Wintour’s morning routine trick is so simple it is brilliantThis is the staggering number of people looking to flee New YorkTurns out dogs developed those guilt-inducing ‘puppy dog eyes’ through evolutionData finds that getting 7 hours of sleep or less can be linked to these nutrition problemsTrial date set for Elizabeth Holmes regarding Theranos chargesGenius says it caught Google stealing content with Morse codeThe richest freelance writer you’ve never heard of shocks everyone by revealing her rateNew parents are failing to do this crucial thingStudy reveals exactly how far away from your parents and in-laws you should live47 million Americans feel their financial situation is worse now than during Great RecessionA shocking percent of young people don’t wear deodorant, but Justin Bieber wants to change thatThis is exactly how much money people make in a side hustle before turning it into a careerApple CEO Tim Cook takes swipe at big tech: ‘If you’ve built a chaos factory you can’t dodge responsibility for the chaos’A third of adults sleep with this embarrassing thingMoms of this number of children tend to get the most sleep (surprisingly)Survey: This city just passed New York as the most stressful in the worldDaddy-shaming is a thing – and you’d be surprised as to who’s doing most of itStudy says pregnancy is the equivalent of running a 40-week marathonHere’s some good news for the 28 million of you with a dad bod75% of Millennial managers say that this was the key to getting promoted multiple timesThis criminal psychologist says its healthy to fantasize about killing your bossDream internship alert: Help save sea turtles at a luxury resort in the MaldivesThese are the kinds of professionals that procrastinate the most at workFemale college students feel less comfortable voicing their opinionsHalf of Millennial women agree that money is the most stressful thing in their livesWhy the world’s best soccer player isn’t playing at the Women’s World CupThis is the secret to Mindy Kaling’s incredible work ethicThe top things parents sacrifice for their children’s educationMost Americans agree that this is the age that living at home becomes embarrassingThe end of robocalls may be coming soonThis is the state where people go the most over budget when buying a homeNearly half of Americans aren’t on the right track for retirementThe number of people working from home has grown an astounding amount since 2000Arianna Huffington on burnout is now officially a workplace crisis74% of Brits boast they could easily do their entire job in a four-day weekThis is the shocking number of people under 45 still paying off student loansIf you live with your significant other, there’s a good chance they think you’re a slobThe surprising pop song that improves your driving skillsThese are the cities with the most (and least) drinkersJapanese women are protesting this old-fashioned work dress code requirementHow you can listen to music now that iTunes is on its way outWill cannabis be 100% legalized? Yes, for 3 obvious reasonsLet IKEA turn your living room into the set of your favorite TV showIf you always almost miss your flight, this is what it says about your personalityStudy: People’s socioeconomic background determines academic success more than test scoresTurns out the ‘get your 10,000 steps in a day’ thing isn’t a thing at allThis is how much your identity is worth on the dark webAmazon expands on its free one-day delivery for Prime membersThis is the generation that has canceled the most credit cardsSurvey finds that Millennials in tech won’t be promoted after the ‘ancient’ age of 36You may not believe the age Millennials stop taking money from their parentsCrypto-king pays $4.5M to have lunch with crypto-doubter Warren BuffettThe counter-intuitive personality traits of the world’s best leaders10 passive-aggressive work phrases and what they really meanBillionaire Mike Bloomberg tells Harvard graduates that money isn’t importantChildren of divorce are less likely to receive higher education84% of Millennials believe they’re currently working their dream jobThis is the generation most likely to divorce their partner over sleep habitsSuperstar chef Tyler Florence on the secret to making the right hiresSamsung’s latest stumble extends delay of foldable smartphonesThese are the most (and least) dateable professions according to singlesThis group of people is more likely to believe their dreams mean somethingThis is how Americans really feel about single parents in 2019This is what half of American parents would take a pay cut forTeachers make a massive impact on who we are, according to this studyTurns out Leonardo da Vinci likely had ADHD according to a professorYour genetics may determine if you will be a good dog owner or notThis is the number of people who have major ‘Sunday night scaries’Marie Kondo is coming for your children with her new kid’s bookStarting a family is last on Millennials’ list of ambitions, survey showsWomen are saddled with almost $1 trillion of student loan debtThis hidden health reason could be why you’re so tired at workStudy: This is how important it is to have a supportive managerParents would like kids to start considering their careers by age 5Here’s where all the billionaires liveThe shocking amount of Millennials that still live with their momPeggy Noonan: Break up big techIf you live in this city, you’re actually living your best lifeThe dirtiest thing in your wallet is your credit cardDale Earnhardt Jr. reveals the embarrassing thing he did that really disappointed his fatherCrosswords can be the secret to staying sharper in life, study saysThis is the highest paying entry level job of 2019Drinking more than this amount of juice a day is linked to premature deathStudy reveals these are the 3 things that make us happySurvey: Nearly 100% of open-office workers are distracted by their coworkersThis is what Bill Gates thinks you should read this summerInternet darling Grumpy Cat dead at age 7Survey says this is the least sexy accent in AmericaBedbugs roamed the earth with the dinosaurs, according to this study9 books you should be reading Memorial Day weekendBillionaire Robert F. Smith pays off grads’ student loans in his commencement addressMillennials are the most narcissistic generation but they are very aware of itThese are the most common dating profile archetypes7 signs you’re being taken advantage of in a friendshipThis is the most popular beer in the United StatesSurvey: 59% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck but 60% believe they will be wealthyWhy Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert was named WNBA commissionerThis city has some of the worst airports in the USThese are the top reasons people waste their moneyThese are the best (and worst) cities to start your careerThis is the shocking number of people that will probably miss work because of the ‘Game of Thrones’ finaleThis is why Americans enjoy traveling soloNew study claims the average American has this many friendsStudy reveals the people that most often fake knowing thingsHas Patagonia killed the suit in the American business world?1 in 5 teachers are burdened by their housing costsThis study finds that overeating can be linked to this weird qualityAlcohol consumption has risen by a staggering amount in the last 30 yearsStudy reveals the actual reason you like coffee and beer so much‘OK,’ ‘yowza,’ ‘twerk’ and other perplexing (and now official) Scrabble wordsMillennial women are speaking to each other at work in a new way and this is why it’s importantGame of Thrones chat costs companies an estimated $3.3 billion in lost productivityThis is the perk employees want the most this summer at workStudy finds that married women do more housework than single moms because of gender norm pressureThis is the celebrity mom people are the most obsessed with right nowThe best (and worst) states for working mothersDrink up: Millennials spend more on craft beer than any other generationStudy finds that women don’t spread catty gossip any more than men do5 set mistakes to rival the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Starbucks fiascoSerial killers tend to work one of these 12 jobs before their murder spreesNew study shows how dangerous electric scooters really arePoll claims this is the sexiest accent in the worldCoffee cup makes strange appearance on ‘Game of Thrones,’ internet has thoughtsThe CDC is telling people to stop washing raw chickenScience says acting like a baby is a natural painkillerStudy says suicides among America’s youth spiked after Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ releasedThis study shows why couples should take equal roles with their financesNot surprisingly ‘Game of Thrones’ baby names are on the riseFosse/Verdon makes for great TV but shows the downsides of collaborationWhy Millennials are getting arrested more than Gen-XersThis is the worst job to have in the United StatesPoll says Americans are some of the most stressed people in the worldA third of Americans that do this activity said their lives improve every yearThis is the exact age when you’ll be the most optimisticStudy: Having a hot wife or wealthy husband might save your marriage in the long run26% of people would quit their jobs to get a year’s worth of this everyday thingMore than 141 million Americans are breathing in unhealthy air every single dayThe 15 best companies for work-life balance in 2019Lego takes major step forward with ‘Braille Bricks’The key to success? Warren Buffett eats McDonald’s, Dairy Queen and drinks 5 cans of Coke a dayAmerica’s best (and worst) commuter cities might surprise youDo men cheat more? Maybe not as women close the infidelity gapThe OODA loop: how the greatest military strategists make decisions in the face of uncertaintyAmericans spend an astonishing amount of time sitting down and it’s not goodSecrets from a former FBI negotiator on how to get what you wantStudy: Uber drivers are operating in the dark when it comes to payThat bad restaurant review you read on Yelp may have been influenced by this odd thingChildren are ingesting this dangerous object more and more every yearResearchers devise new deadline trick: decide which deadlines are actually importantCraft beer breweries are drying up in the UKWorking out is great, but doing it this way might make you live longerTwitter CEO’s extreme diet is just another example of how we link food to achievementStudies say this is the exact time you should exercise if you want to lose weightTurns out your coffee addiction may all be in your headThis is exactly how long your subject line should be if you want to get a responseCoworking from a mall may soon be the normThese two 25-year-olds may have just solved the plastic crisisNew research identifies the precise location of the glass ceilingGretchen Rubin’s 10-minute, end-of-workday ritual will make the next morning easyReese Witherspoon is about to make you feel good about your greys and wrinklesStudy: Dating app users are 351% more likely to respond if this animal is in your profile picThe super successful CEO of The Wing has a seemingly crazy email hack that is a major time saverBill Gates on the incredible methods of treating Alzheimer’s in the near future23% of respondents said this one thing is a relationship deal-breakerMen ask for deadline extensions at twice the rate of womenThink you’re middle class? Check this chart to find outNew report shows how tough it is for women in tech, especially at conferencesStudy: Your long-held sleep beliefs may be sleep mythsIf you have a beard, this is what your coworkers probably think about youResearch (surprisingly) shows that the majority of colleges accept the majority of applicantsThe states where people fight, drink, and cheat the most … at their own weddingsHere’s the optimal bedroom temperature for sleeping like a babyStudy: this negative quality might help your bank accountThese are the strongest coffee blends in the world8 things every person should do before 8 a.m.Study: This makes Americans just as happy as higher economic statusWhat makes a happy marriage? Data shows the answer is changingWhy The Masters is actually the most zen sporting event we all needKate McKinnon will star as Elizabeth Holmes in new series about TheranosHere are the 8 worst pieces of relationship adviceMeet Katie Bouman, the MIT grad whose formula helped create the black hole imageNew study finds that your phone is making you gain weightThe city that has the most adults living at homeBill Gates on the potential (and dangers) of artificial intelligenceThis is the surprising generation that is most prepared for retirementAccording to science your cat knows its nameSpending $20,000 on coffee over 12 years was worth it to this MillennialThis is exact age when we began to look and act like our parentsHow Rebel Wilson ‘manifested’ her successThe best and worst states for MillennialsThis is the worst airline of 2019, according to the rankingsStudy: Yes, teens look at screens constantly but that’s actually OKThese are the crazy (and depraved) things people will do to eliminate their commuteCool summer: Dunkin’ Donuts set to release coffee flavored beerWearing this retro fashion look this spring will be the ultimate power moveThis is what everyone will be naming their baby in 2019 (and beyond)This study finds that jet lag might be the key to preventing cognitive illness‘Billions’ asks what you have to be willing to give up to get what you wantAre you at risk for poverty in your country? If you make this much, you probably areDoing this just 10 minutes a day could help you prevent disability later in lifeThis is the shocking amount of Americans that lie, cheat and drink on business tripsIf you’re a pretty woman in business, you risk this negative effectSurvey: The average American has less than half an hour of free time per weekKate Middleton’s days making $6.81 an hourWomen who are funny at work are harming their careers, according to this studyWhy the Millennial generation is signing more prenups than ever beforeMen who work remote full-time are 25% more likely to make $100K than women9 signs you might be an ambivertThe older the woman, the wider the gender pay gapSurvey: 25% of Americans spend 10+ hours a day on social mediaDoing this one thing can boost memory and help prevent Alzheimer’s11 simple ways to make your home a stress-free sanctuaryGymtimidation is real and 50% of Americans suffer from itA surprising number of pet owners are considering turning their dog or cat veganDespite popular belief, this meal should actually be biggest of the dayStudy: For peak creativity, brainstorm ideas and then forget about themStudy: Dietary changes led to humans pronouncing the ‘f’ and ‘v’ soundsStudy: Toddlers respond much more to print books over e-booksThese are the most overweight cities in America in 2019Motivational mantras to get you out of bed in the morning15 cities with the best work-life balanceThis is why time seems to pass more quickly as we age, according to expertsForget standing desks; will sit-stand desks save us?Watch out Millennials! If your avocado has this label, chuck it immediatelyFemale-led Glossier and Rent the Runway join exclusive club as both hit ‘unicorn’ statusJenny McCarthy spills on ‘The View’ and its toxic work environmentStudy: Fiber intake is at an ‘alarmingly low’ level in AmericaStudy: Prenatal and birth complications can lead to anxiety disorders in kidsRe-attaching to work is just as important as detachingNew book shares the secret to raising successful childrenThis is the retro hair accessory everyone will be wearing to work this springThe most stressed city in each stateReport: America less happy than ever, a nation of ‘mass addictions’Arizona adventures: Caves, canyons and behindStudy links inactivity to 42% risk increase for heart disease in womenThis study reveals the way we process new information while we sleepDoing this simple thing could completely change your day (and maybe your life)Study finds that coffee is linked to reduced tumor growthMore confirmation Millennials are killing traditional retailSurvey: Women-led companies have more engaged employeesSurvey says Generation Z expects promotions within 6-12 months – here’s how to manage themA shocking number of Americans are not saving anything at allShake Shack to try 4-day workweek at Vegas locationMillennials are so tired of online research they keep taking the same vacationsThere is now a special retreat to help ‘older’ tech workers cope … starting in their 30sHand sanitizer is (mostly) uselessSurvey reveals the top things people would do with extra time on their handsSurvey: Almost half of all Americans don’t wake up feeling restedHow America eats: Bringing culinary travel inspiration homeSurvey: A large number of Millennials are literally attached to their phones all dayThis is why you have such crazy dreams when you take NyquilStudy: Female scientists get less federal funding, less lab equipment, fewer assistantsA new study reaffirms that this sleeping position is the overall bestFelicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin among dozens charged in college admissions scandal61% of workers say they need this much more in salary to live comfortablyWomen apply for fewer jobs than men (but get them more often)These new products will dramatically change the way you drink coffeeThe languages of appreciation: A tool for growing soft skillsYou won’t believe what people forget in the back of their UbersSurvey: A majority of people really dislike daylight saving timeAmerica’s richest zip code is on a small island – and it’s not ManhattanTurns out the gig economy is gradually shrinkingThe U.S. cities with the strongest (and weakest) work ethic5 victories for women this past week ahead of International Women’s DayWhat egg freezing, learning stipends, and ClassPass all have in commonYou increase the risk of depression the more you do this one thing at workStudy: Your dog’s personality changes over time (just like yours)Survey: Men prefer perks like happy hours over unlimited paid time offThese Harvard researchers say open offices are productivity killersThese are the 10 healthiest countries in the worldDehydrated men refuse to drink water because it’s not manlyIt’s Employee Appreciation Day and here’s how everyone’s celebratingNew report says employee loyalty is plummetingThis is the unconventional way Steve Jobs would boost creativity before a meetingElon Musk says we will have self driving cars as early as next yearThis free resource will take you on a tour of the world through artThe best cities for women in technology in 2019Depression was successfully reversed in mice. Are humans next?Lonely? A mindfulness app used in a study might be able helpWhat does it mean to have obsessive thoughts? (And how to stop them)This new Apple project, codenamed ‘Marzipan,’ could be a game-changerMove over, Tim Cook: This CEO proves you don’t have to wake up early to be successfulThe best city in each state for single women in 2019Should you listen to music while doing focused work? Well, it dependsThe most (and least) sinful cities in the United StatesWhy U.S. cities are becoming more dangerous for cyclists and pedestriansThe reason more Millennials are moving home is not what you thinkThe healthiest cities in the U.S. for familiesSurvey finds 67% would consider quitting if their work situation became less flexibleThis survey says having friends at work makes you happierThis stunning statistic may be a bad sign for our economyHiring trends to be aware of in 2019Almost 40% of straight couples and 65% of same-sex couples meet onlineThomas Jefferson: America’s first great innovatorSurvey says 75% of remote workers like it so much they want to do it foreverThe 3 powerful steps to develop your daily routineDo you have a favorite child? A majority of US adults think you doWhy women still earn a lot less than menAlmost half of Americans aren’t happy with their paychecksThe numbers behind 2 decades of sex-based discriminationCEOs are exiting companies in record numbers so far this yearThe number of cheaters using dating apps and sites right now is shockingTop 5 perfect trips for the traveler that loves to play tennisNew York passes San Francisco as top tech city for first timeDementia study that shows higher education has little impact on prevention being revisitedStrange love: For those that hate Valentine’s DayThis is how likely you are to get dumped on Valentine’s Day7 of the buzziest Millennial food trends of 2019The best and worst cities for early risers are probably not what you’d expectStudy: Motorcycles have same effect as light exercise and a cup of coffeeHalf of Americans consider themselves workaholicsThese are the Top 5 European cities for beer loversWant to be in the dictionary? Here’s your chanceThese are 10 of the worst (and real) sick day excusesThe state of Vermont wants you to visit and never leaveTravel the world while designing clothes for a CEO – and her little dogs, tooSome companies are letting night owls and early birds work when they’re most optimizedSurvey: Millennials spend an average of $838 a month on nonessentialsDo you have emotional intelligence, or do you just think you do?Survey: 88% of American workers are happy in their jobsThese are the best (and worst) states to drive inStudy: Women CEOs are more likely to face termination than menNew study confirms your older sibling is the ‘smarter’ childStudy concludes technology hinders Millennials ability to adaptStudy: There’s less implicit bias against sexual orientation and race, but more against weightSurvey reveals people’s biggest pre-work stressersThe most rewarding parts of being a parentStudy: 60% of people can’t finish everything on their to-do list (but there’s hope)LinkedIn, Uber, Salesforce have happiest employees in techReport: Employees who like their workspace are 16% more productiveThis is how Google is changing Gmail this monthThis is the industry where workers drink the mostSurvey: Millennials living at home aren’t saving more money, and are working lessSurvey: 54% of Americans would choose lower taxes over happinessReport: 85% of Baby Boomers plan to work into their 70s (and even 80s)Charted: The 50 best jobs in AmericaTop 28 destinations for 2019 (Part 4): Rising stars$484 million in productivity will be lost the day after Super BowlThis new site wants to help connect survivors of work-related sexual misconductThese are the best cities to live in if you have debtAmericans are prioritizing this thing over having kids, saving for a houseSurvey: 31% of workers have played hooky (and other tales of absenteeism)Report: This is how rich (or poor) other people think you areReport: Fashion industry suffers from diversity and inclusion issuesThis is the ideal amount of downtime you need per dayCareer and travel trump marriage, kids and homeownership, according to new studySurvey: People willing to lose 2.4 hours of sleep per night for a $25,000 raiseWhat young people think about old people is only half rightThe cities where retirees are in the most (and least) debtThis woman was so frustrated by the lack of women’s societies, she created her ownThese are the tech trends you need to know from CES 2019Age discrimination for startup founders starts at 36What your driver is thinking: How gig economy workers make decisionsYour winter accessories are disgusting and full of germsWeWork cuts off Manchester taps for abusing its free beer policySingle women are now outpacing single men in this categoryTop 28 destinations for 2019 (Part 2): Diving deeperIn debt and scared of risk: Millennials compared to Gen Xers and Baby BoomersThis is exactly how much coffee Kelly Ripa drinks before her very long dayThis picturesque state is now paying people to move thereStudy: You’ll be creative at work only with the permission, time, and freedom to do soForbes introduces a robot that drafts a writer’s story for themThis publisher’s headquarters may be more fun than a theme park
These are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in JanuaryStudy: You’ll have fewer regrets if you forget the laundry list of ‘ought-to’s’ and chase your passionsThis top e-cigarette company has banned vaping in the officeA third of Americans would consider living abroad in the futureTop 28 destinations for 2019 (Part 1): Newsworthy destinationsYour favorite YouTube vloggers may be the reason you’re happy – or notThese will be the 9 biggest health and wellness trends in 2019After a 20-year delay, over 53,000 works have entered the public domainRemind me of your face; I already know your nameThis map shows where Millennials are buying houses (and for how much)Are digital try-ons the new makeup counter? Ulta’s CEO thinks soFederal Reserve: Employees are ghosting their supervisorsCelebrating the wins of 2018 before 2019 beginsThe 10 best books I’ve read in 2018Women network differently than men, study says – and that’s not a good thingA lot of workers are at retirement age, but employers aren’t sure when, or if, they willWhy you should allow yourself to indulge during the holidaysEx-employee or corporate alumni? Businesses embracing former workersStudy: Women financial advisors punished more harshly than menSurvey: 33% of women in tech have considered switching jobs because of the industry’s menAre we trending towards shorter performance reviews, but more of them?How much money Americans need for economic security in every stateCommute wearing you out? Try looking at thisThe aviation industry of tomorrow looks a lot like the Jetsons, and engineers are already preparingThese are the Top 10 most stressful airports in the country43% feign interest in a boss’s dumb story in hopes of promotionNew study: Millennials earning more at their age than past generationsMillennials have anxiety that interferes with work at twice the rate of everyone elseThis study proves why you really need a work wifeThis simple hack will help with your holiday bluesThe 11 smartest things to do with your end-of-year bonusTravel trends for 2019: How people are going to be exploring the world next yearThese are the Top 50 places to live in the United States in 2018It takes 4 days for Americans to start enjoying their vacationsAn alarming number of people are texting in their sleep – so what are they saying?New book: Michelle Obama’s fashion journey was a turbulent one3 shocking statistics from the first ever Hispanic Leadership SummitWe bring holiday stress upon ourselves, survey findsThe most (and least) productive cities during the holiday seasonHow companies should adopt new sexual harassment policiesDo women really apologize more than men?Top 10 cities with the largest rent increases (2018 edition)Seeing fewer women on the news? There’s a reasonReport shows gap between what employees want – flexibility and wellness – and what they getThese are the 5 best books of 2018 according to Bill GatesMillennial men are making much less than Baby Boomers did when they were youngerThese are the 10 best companies to work for in 2019Research: Rewarding employees with a gift keeps them motivatedThis odd technique may finally get rid of your horrible winter coldWorking from home? Try working on a virtual islandWhat it means to be a FIRE MillennialBlogging for Bitcoin goes bust for some journalistsMichelle Obama doesn’t believe in ‘lean in’ – should you?Millennials are killing industries – but the Fed says it’s not their faultWhy some of the most crowded cities in the U.S. are the loneliestThese are the most annoying behaviors on an airplane, rankedThese are the Top 15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs in December 2018These are the cities where you’re spending more of your money on datesCo-working spaces are branching out to nontraditional spaces, from Office Depot to downtown restaurantsVisualizing the most innovative companies in 2018New report: Women have earned 49 cents to a man’s dollar since 2001Survey: 10% of workers say they slept with a boss for more vacation/sick days25 million old Starbucks cups are new againNew study says these cities have the best opportunities for womenThis is what it means if you already finished all of your holiday shoppingThis winter workout doesn’t even require you to leave your couchAutonomous vehicles may change work for millions of peopleThese women are leading the female entrepreneur rush to the CatskillsMajority of us say we do our holiday shopping online at workSurvey: The taller you are, the more confident you feel at workThese are the 10 trendiest travel destinations for 2019Apple CEO Tim Cook on why he’s limiting his screen useTechnology giants didn’t deserve public trust in the first placeThe dirtiest place in an airport is nearly impossible to avoidTurns out most of us want to save the world, according to new surveyBeing the only woman in the room can have lasting effects in the workplaceThese are the 10 cities in America with the largest middle classNew study reveals why some people are more creative than othersWhat’s changed for American workers since last year’s tax reformAmazon HQ2 means 50,000+ new jobs, but not everyone’s happy about itThese are the Top 10 happiest cities in America for 2018Study: Men are unethical for themselves, women for othersThese are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in November 2018Republicans more likely to feel uncomfortable talking politics at workHere are the 29 states you can take time off from work to voteThis is how Americans define their dream job1 in 5 women say they are ‘only’ woman in the room at workThe 25 ‘spookiest’ cities in AmericaThis is the most divisive candy in the countryThese 3 ‘Betches’ have written the career bible for Millennial womenSurvey: It takes average of 5 months to find a new jobSurvey: Creatives are not worried about AI taking their jobsSurvey: This American city has the most tired employeesVisualizing minimum wage in the United StatesWhen the line between machine and artist becomes blurredThis SNL skit pokes fun at the horrors of networkingThese are all the things Millennials would give up for travelKind and trusting people are more likely to end up bankruptSurvey: The average American has $25,571 in student debtYou should think twice before you believe the ‘crazy’ colleague gossipThese are the world’s 25 best places to workThese are the ‘greenest’ cities in the countryThese are the Halloween costumes that will be all over your office this yearWorkers in this industry are most likely to be closest to their bossThese are the top reasons people delay their retirementStates where jobs are most vulnerable to automationSurvey: These are the best (and worst) ‘foodie’ cities in AmericaHere’s why author Rebecca Holman believes that ‘Quiet Girls Can Run the World’These are the best-selling Halloween candies in each state and AmericaTo get salary transparency, Tiffany Haddish asks about the ‘guy fee’Survey: 14% of women use streaming services every dayAmazon reportedly scraps AI recruiting tool that was biased against womenSurvey: 93% of Americans don’t lend money to coworkers‘Glow’ star Alison Brie on why women need to own their successMillennial and Baby Boomer investors think ‘base salary’ is by far the most crucial benefitHere are the most Googled money topics for every stateSurvey: Millennials are least likely generation to exercise in the morningFewer people are applying to US business schools, survey findsSurvey: These are the ‘fastest-growing’ cities in AmericaThis map shows income inequality in every American metro areaReport: Almost half of all cellphone calls will be scams by 2019SoulCycle just made your work commute a whole lot betterIf your pilot has this accent, you will trust them more1 in 15 Americans over 40 smell odors that aren’t really thereWomen and men are both bad at multitaskingThese are the Top 15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs in October 2018This is the reason Millennials are getting divorced lessIn Pew survey, women seen as stronger leaders in these traitsHow much you must earn to afford a house in the 50 largest US citiesWe trust people with accents less … unless they speak with confidenceWhere to get free coffee this Saturday AKA National Coffee DayA new ‘background blur’ feature can help remote workers blend inThese are the ‘weirdest’ professions in each stateSurvey: This city has the most employees who quit over a bad commuteSurvey: Execs think 47% of their best talent will quit ‘within 2 years of hire’Turns out thinking burns calories, so grab that extra donut at work10 tweaks to your morning routine that will transform your entire dayThis executive likes to literally make her clients sweatSurvey: Hearing about layoffs would make 44% of Americans look elsewhereWomen (especially founders) face a 20% equity gap at workNew data paint an unpleasant picture of poverty in the USSurvey: 72% of employees think their coworkers aren’t good communicatorsThe pros and cons of abruptly quitting like Vontae DavisThese are the best airports in the United StatesSurvey: This is the ‘most fun’ city in the countryPeople fear robots taking over jobs around the world15 companies in Chicago this month hiring for $100K positions like crazyThis is how much you need to work out to burn off that Pumpkin Spice LatteMen talk 92% of the time on conference callsSurvey: These are the most (and least) diverse states in the countryWomen in STEM more likely to drop out if they are only female in classSurvey: Employees say this type of music boosts productivityAccording to a new study, first impressions may not be as important as we thoughtSurvey: This is the best city to raise your family in this yearThe fastest-growing business type in every state60% of American homeowners say they don’t have a disaster planRobots have the power to influence children’s decisionsAlmost half of employees worldwide think they could do their job in 5 hours or less each day5 brands that will fix all your work wardrobe dilemmas for fallSurvey: Employee less likely to feel they have competitive benefits today compared to 2008There was a 2016 Amazon patent putting workers in cagesThe global misery index has reached its highest levels in yearsSurvey: 56% of employees take a lunch break of 30 minutes or lessSurvey: This is the single biggest issue that gets in the way of saving for retirementThese are the most (and least) happy states in AmericaCareer lessons from the US Open’s heated women’s finalSurvey: These college majors were just named most and least valuableSurvey: 16% of people have made ‘a business connection’ on a flightThese are the most highly educated states in AmericaSurvey: This is the best city to buy a house in this yearThe CEO of the fastest growing conference in the U.S. on how to find your whitespaceWhat remote workers say is the best part of WFH life25% of employees have quit a job because of work stressThis is the job with the fastest-growing paySurvey: 12% of Americans say they’d prefer a new iPhone over a better credit scoreSurvey: This is the single worst thing you can do on a flightSurvey: This is the average amount of friends people have in the officeThere’s a scientific reason why we love fallThis is why you should be careful with meal expensesPeople speak up after a former Cosby Show actor is found working at a Trader Joe’sWhy women at work become ‘intentionally invisible’This is how much women spend on coffee every yearThese are the states where people are the most excited about Pumpkin Spice LattesSurvey: This city has the most employees who think they aren’t paid enoughBumble is now going to help women get their businesses off the groundSurvey: 15% of parents distracted ‘often’ by their cell phones at workSurvey: Not everyone is into banning plastic strawsThe Cuomo vs. Nixon debate requirements are the latest in office temperature warsPeople in this industry spend the most money on work clothesThis is how much time people spend in the shower everydayThese are the hardest-working states in America7 leisure activities of super-successful peopleThe Bulletproof Coffee founder thinks sleep is the essential key for successThese are the professions Americans think contribute the most (and least) to societyOver 5,000 government officials used the word “password” in their password and uh ohThe 25 most Millennial-dominated jobs in AmericaThe cost of renting vs. buying a home in every stateAn open letter to Elon Musk24% of Americans think reaching ‘inbox-zero’ is an impossibilityWhy new friends will be turned off by your flashy status symbolsSurvey: 25% of Americans call this ‘the most annoying’ phrase used in work emailsThe open plan office is actually making you less stressedSurvey: 13% of Millennials started their first job after 20 years oldResearch shows rich people are more likely to cheat, steal, lie and other very bad thingsMadonna shows us how not to honor someone’s career at the 2018 MTV VMAsDream job alert: Cards Against Humanity is hiring writersGet paid to hang out with a bunch of cute cats on a Greek islandSurvey: 51% of younger Millennials feel the most stressed about relationshipsA surprising number of Americans would give up their phone for coffeeSurvey: 39% of IT hiring managers say the hardest thing to gauge is one’s ‘technical skills’This is the resume lie that disgraced a political candidateMillennials who feel financially secure more likely to listen to classical musicTiffani Thiessen’s morning routine hack is something we can all do more ofSTUDY: Watching reality stars can make us less sympathetic to poor peopleThis Spotify sales coordinator starts her day with self-careSurvey: 36% of Americans look at their bank account dailyMen identify as the breadwinner if they do not respect wife’s careerSurvey: 22% of Americans say they ‘fell’ into their job instead of picking itSurvey: 50% of professionals have fought with a spouse over working on vacationSurvey: This is the best city to retire in this yearYour career hot streak can happen at anytime, study findsThis study supports you turning off Slack for a few hours per day15 companies in New York right now hiring for $100K positions like crazyStephen Colbert explains ‘extraordinary’ steps he took to get a diverse staffSurvey: 34% of employers reprimanded or fired someone over online contentStudy: The blue lights from our screens can blind usThis is the best state to have a child in this yearSurvey: 22% of workers ages 18-34 say they’ve been demotedNike gets accused of ‘hostile’ culture to women in new suitTrying too hard at work is not going to pay off, study findsNew study shows why Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ is not enoughBrace yourselves: There is now a support group for Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte loversSurvey: 52% of Millennial parents think having kids has been good for their careersSurvey: Millennials say they need a salary of $80k ‘to feel happy’Japanese medical school admits to manipulating test scores to exclude womenGood news: A lot of companies plan on giving out raises by end of year!Survey reveals the spending habits of Millennials (spoiler: they like coffee and eating out)To be a good leader, start out as a follower, study findsSurvey: This state has the greatest health care system in 2018Delta is trying to make economy class bearable with champagne and fancy food4 best career advice lessons from departing PepsiCo CEO Indra NooyiAmericans spend 22% of their monthly income treating themselvesWhy summer is the best time to ask for a promotion4 companies that tailor to female entrepreneursNew study finds parents are paying more than ever for childcare5 stereotypes about older workers debunkedThe 5 most impactful findings from National Geographic’s ‘Science of Sleep’ issueNew York workers may soon be guaranteed 12 weeks of bereavement leaveGoogle is making it easier to reschedule your meetingsSurvey: Workers reveal their biggest complaints about meetingsThese maps show where Americans struggle to afford a homeThe best (and worst) public school systems in AmericaHow being a suck-up to the boss backfires on youSurvey: 1 in 3 families say childcare costs influence family planningSurvey: 84% of Americans unaware of how much they spend on subscription servicesA parasite found in cat poop is linked to entrepreneursThe best college in each state for getting a job in 2018Women are less likely to achieve ‘last name fame’ – Here’s what that meansNew book says that childhood bonds impact your career successStudy: Coworkers who give you advice are doing it to gain powerOur brains have an urgency bias. Here’s how to not get trickedStudy: Women more likely to be asked and to do office houseworkMarie Kondo just released a set of boxes to help bring joy to your lifeWhen wives earn more than their husbands, they both lie about itHow your partner’s career suffers when you receive rude emailsSurvey: 86% of Millennials say they’d prefer to stay and grow within their companyTwitter shares a bunch of #OddThingsToAskTechSupportSurvey: 26% of employees say they’ve gained more than 10 pounds at their current jobMapping the best (and worst) places for Millennials to make a livingSurvey reveals the top money issues Gen Xers, Baby Boomers wish they learned earlierSurvey: 20% of Americans say they ‘don’t follow a monthly budget’Survey: 58% of top managers say they give counteroffers to employees planning to leaveStudy: An orange a day keeps the bad vision at baySurvey: This is the best city for buying your first house in 2018Using exact change in Venmo transactions makes us look pettyThese are the Top 50 best places to work for in 2018Survey: 14% of Millennials say ‘bad credit’ is the reason they have roommatesThis startup will never let you use the ‘I forgot my gym clothes’ excuse againTired at work? Try out this new nap pod loungeSurvey: 17% of companies report increase in behavior complaints since #MeTooStudy: Couples in gender-equal countries get better sleepSurvey: Driving is the worst in this American city in 2018Sorry, but coffee will not sober you up, according to a new studyThese are 10 best (and worst) states to be unemployed inStudy: Open office plans cause us to ‘socially withdraw’Survey: 68% of workers say children more difficult to manage than employees in the summerThe last straw! Starbucks says it will ban all plastic straws by 2020These are the countries with the best work-life balanceAlmost 100% of women say this is the most uncomfortable work situationResearch: Women who downplay gender get ahead at workPeople who make $80,000 are most likely to have 4th of July week offSurvey: This is the best city for recreation this yearEmployee accused of fatally poisoning 21 coworkers’ foodTeens are working less this summer, except for in this industryMillennials would be willing to give up shampoo, TV, and pets for their phonesSurvey: Here’s what people would give up to get ahead in their careersSurvey: These are the best towns by the beach to live in this yearThis is how millennials really feel about business travelOccupations with the largest gender pay gapGood news! You do in fact learn from your mistakes, study findsStarbucks to offer more benefits for transgender employeesThis Chrome email plugin wants you to stop saying ‘sorry’ all the timeThousands of Swedes are inserting microchips into themselves – here’s whyWe would rather be underpaid than work in a bad company cultureWomen are carrying two-thirds of America’s outstanding student loan debtA six-figure salary in San Francisco is now considered ‘low income’Research: Asian Americans least likely to be promoted to management in techSurvey: These cities will literally give you the most bang for your buck this Fourth of JulySurvey: 31% of Americans have at least 6-months worth of money put aside for emergenciesThe best pet-friendly places to work in 2018Twitter and Instagram celebrate #TakeYourDogToWorkDaySurvey: These are the best states for a summer road tripMillennials still getting mom and dad to pay for rent and phone billsThese are the 10 places in the U.S. where people live the longestSurvey: ‘Lazy’ is the most annoying Millennial workplace stereotypeThese are 13 of the most LGBTQ friendly tech companiesSurvey: The 10 most expensive American cities to get married inWhy this story of a faked rejection letter is everyone’s worst career nightmareThis is how much avocado toast costs in 10 American citiesSurvey: Millennials are really terrible at tippingUnique ways these companies celebrate diversity and inclusionWatching the World Cup drains offices of $3.6 billion in productivityStudy: Our smiles and frowns do not actually reflect our feelingsTwitter captures the #FunnyThingsDadsSay73% of dads say their company doesn’t offer enough support for fathersThe schools with the highest return on investment in every stateWhy we need another version of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’Why predicting suicide is a difficult and complex challengeThese are the 25 companies Millennials want to work atSurvey: Optimists more likely to fall for scamsSurvey: The most popular early jobs and universities of CEOsSurvey: 38% of women in tech say their looks have been ‘inappropriately commented on’This dad’s viral rant about the lack of baby-changing stations is everythingIt only takes one sexual harassment claim to ruin your company’s reputationWomen’s voices are significantly lower than they used to beUber’s new patent wants to spot drunk passengersWe are more motivated to work when the payoff comes sooner rather than laterSurvey confirms your office emails and Slack messages are likely being monitoredThese are the best and worst airports of 2018The average Millennial expects to become a millionaire at some point and retire at age 56Study: Those who work out regularly make $25,000 more per year than people who don’tSurvey: 50% of Americans not taking a summer vacation this year ‘can’t afford it’Survey: These are the best and worst states for working dadsSurvey: Women with female role models set more ambitious goalsNew CDC data reveals which Americans are shacking up togetherHere are the Disney Princesses reimagined as empowered womenWhen it comes to wedding gifts this year, remember: Go with cash!Survey: White men more likely to get raises they ask for than people of colorSurvey: 22% of managers consider workers who take a lunch break to be ‘less hardworking’These are the Top 15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs in June 2018Why Uber’s CEO encouraging employees to say they ‘have the D’ is causing a stirWhy the real Carrie Bradshaw (who was a broke, scrappy freelancer who couch-surfed) is a career role modelStudy: Busy managers more likely to treat employees unfairlyApple’s new ‘app limits’ feature can help curb smartphone useThe cities where housing costs as a percent of income are highest (and lowest)Survey: Number of teens using Facebook plummets since 2015This tech company has the most burned out workersStudy: Texting support to your partner can lower their stress levelsStudy: The higher up your building, the more productive your company is likely to beThis study finds that men are more susceptible to Imposter Syndrome than we thoughtVermont is offering remote workers $10,000 to move to its stateThese are the states with the best and worst jobs in 2018Happy National Donut Day! Here is where to get some freebies todayHow many hours you need to work to pay a mortgage in different citiesThese are the highest paying companies in each stateManagers and employees have different ideas of what’s a breach of etiquette5 TV shows that surprisingly teach you a lot about businessStudy says sitting all day long at work is OK except for this one caveatLawsuit: Facebook being used to discriminate against older workersThe germiest place in the airport is not what you would thinkHere are 185 books Bill Gates has read and thinks you should tooStudy: Sleeping in on the weekend can add years to your lifeREPORTS: Millennials put off kids due to money — but pamper pets lavishlyPoll: ‘Vegan’ is the least-appealing food word in existenceThese are the cities where renters can best afford to live aloneMore babies are being named after Marvel charactersIf you live in these cities, you’re probably fitter than most othersSurvey: After college, women are more likely to get stuck in jobs they are overqualified forHow your take-home pay compares to workers around the worldWhat the ‘Arrested Development’ interview can teach us about dismissing coworkersStudy: Men with strong handshakes more likely to be marriedScience explains why the office window seat is so covetedThese are the jobs seeing the biggest jumps in salary this yearParents win lawsuit to evict 30-year-old son who won’t move outResearchers find that good grades are bad for female job seekersThese are the best cities to go on vacation this summerSurvey: The secret to a successful life is apparently tied to your mouthBill Gates (with 5 adorable puppies) unveils his summer book listEllen DeGeneres: ‘As you grow, you’ll realize the definition of success changes’J.K. Rowling: ‘Failure gave me an inner security that I had never attained by passing examinations’Conan O’Brien: ‘Through disappointment you can gain clarity’David Foster Wallace: ‘You get to consciously decide what has meaning and what doesn’t’According to this 1976 referral letter, ‘flaky’ Steve Jobs did not come across well on the phoneStudy: The top 5 cities attracting the most out-of-area workersThis new AI service will transcribe conference calls in real-timeSurvey: 21% of adults have nothing saved for retirementSurvey: You need $2.4 million to be considered ‘wealthy’ in AmericaThe U.S. is stingier with childcare and maternity leave than the rest of the planetAuthor Frank Hanna on why college shouldn’t be our best yearsJustin Trudeau to NYU’s Class of 2018: ‘Do you want to win an argument or change the world?’Rex Tillerson: ‘Integrity is the most valuable asset you have’If you’re reading this, you’re too old to master a new languageSurvey: Managers spend 26% of their time coaching bad employeesHere are the Top 10 places in America for creativesHere are the best colleges under $20,000 in each stateThanks to Amazon, many parents won’t name their kids Alexa2018 college graduates will earn an average salary of $50KSurvey: 52% of workers didn’t use all their vacation days in 2017Why ‘agreeing to disagree’ is a bad management tacticThis is exact time the average American first curses each dayStudy: Online crowdfunders trust woman-led ventures moreStudy: Women who interrupt conversation seen as less intelligent by menSurvey: Millennials much more stressed than older colleaguesTim Cook to Duke’s Class of 2018: ‘You must find your fearlessness’46% of Americans think they won’t have enough for retirementOprah Winfrey to USC’s Class of 2018: ‘Declare war on cynicism’Chadwick Boseman to Howard’s Class of 2018: ‘Take the harder way’This is the morning ritual that will make you happy: 4 secrets from stoicismCondoleezza Rice to High Point’s Class of 2016: ‘Don’t let anyone else define your passion’What Steve Jobs learned building fences with his father that changed the course of historyThe ‘jerk premium’ for men’s earnings kicks in at this ageSurvey: 40% of moms fake enthusiasm over Mother’s Day presentsNew Boston Dynamics video shows robot running outside autonomously, jumping over obstaclesMost successful entrepreneurs are older than you thinkThis map shows where freelancers get more bang for their buckSheryl Sandberg to UC Berkley’s Class of 2016: ‘You are not born with a fixed amount of resilience’Michael Bloomberg to Michigan’s Class of 2016: ‘An open mind is the most valuable asset’Lady Antebellum to UGA’s Class of 2018: ‘You can take a big risk’Google won’t confirm if AI assistant will identify itself up front as a robotLin-Manuel Miranda to Penn’s Class of 2016: ‘Immigrants get the job done’Google’s new AI assistant can pass for a human on phone callsTim Cook to MIT’s Class of 2017: ‘How will you serve humanity?’This group of workers sleeps on the job more than any otherSurvey: Americans are way more anxious than last yearOops! Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has a misattributed ‘Ralph Waldo Emerson’ quote on his refrigeratorThese are the 47 unhealthiest jobs in the United StatesSteve Jobs to Stanford’s Class of 2005: ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish.’Survey: 44% of executives have approached employees ‘about inappropriate attire’These are the hardest-working countries and cities in the worldWilliam Shatner to NEIT’s Class of 2018: ‘The real world is both beautiful and ugly’Mark Zuckerberg to Harvard’s Class of 2017: ‘Purpose is what creates true happiness’Barbara Bush to Wellesley’s Class of 1990: ‘Believe in something larger than yourself’The average American works more hours than a medieval peasantRonan Farrow to Loyola Marymount’s Class of 2018: ‘Trust that inner voice’These are the cities gaining and losing the most workers right nowThe cheapest and most expensive cities to start a companyWomen in tech suffer because of the American myth of meritocracyThese 3 habits can completely transform your confidenceThese are the best cities for living the American DreamThese are the 10 best cities in the world for business tripsThis might be the best internship (or sun-ternship) of 2018Women held only 5.1% of CEO positions in the S&P 1500These are the countries with the highest percentage of robots in the workforceStudy reveals the time of the year you might be the most stressedSurvey: More than half of workers over 60 are postponing retirement43% of 18-25 year olds say they’re expected to work during vacationThis US city has the highest percentage of ‘burned out’ workersThese are the most iconic jobs in every stateHere’s everything you need to know about a career in cannabisThese are the 10 adjectives you’re using too oftenThis is the brilliant advice Jeff Bezos just gave on how to hold yourself to high standardsThis is the surprising benefit of going for that third cup of coffeeThis is the one takeaway from Steve Jobs’ 1992 MIT talk you must remember at work6 tips for staying calm the next time you fly in the wake of the Southwest Airlines flightScully on ‘The X-Files’ has helped more women pursue careers in STEMThis is how much the happiest workers in America makeHappy Tax Day! Personal finance tips for the financially cluelessHow funny bosses can encourage deviant rule breakersWhat Paul Ryan’s ‘weekend dad’ excuse tells us about how fatherhood is changing in the U.S.This is how our names can determine our careersWalking while texting could make you dangerously distractedThis region of the country is where working parents have it bestThese are the hottest jobs in America in 2018These are the states where you’ll find the highest-earning millennialsHaving a baby between these ages makes the gender pay gap impossible to overcomeSurvey: 68% of women believe they are paid equally to menNew headset would allow ‘silent speech’ between humans and tech3 ways the gender pay gap still hurts womenSorry, California: Here are 4 science-backed reasons to keep drinking coffeeStudy reveals the state of the workplace in the #MeToo eraStudy: You make five times as many writing errors on your phone than a PCSurvey: 61% of entry-level jobs require 3+ years of experienceThe states where the most (and least) stressed people livePolice investigate YouTube active shooterStudy: 45% have shed tears, 52% have gotten visibly angry at workStudy: Women in heavier makeup are less likely to be seen as leaders35% of Americans would give up the right to vote for a raiseThese are the best and worst states for personal income growthOlympic champ Chloe Kim on the secret to facing challenges head onFemale-only coworking space accused of discriminationRichard Branson on flex policies, what Virgin looks for in an employee, and lessons learnedReputation (not skill) more likely to get a crowdsourcing idea fundedSurvey: Salary is more taboo than sex, marriage woes and STDsMost tech workers agree this one trait is least appealing in a bossGuy fired for being rude claims he’s not impolite, just FrenchEven if your phone’s turned off, its nearby presence is distracting youNew bill wants to give employees the right to ignore email after-hoursThis group of people are the happiest workers in the worldSurvey reveals people think Siri and Alexa are female tech leadersReport: IBM has been discriminating against older employees for yearsThese are the 20 jobs in America with the biggest influx of women8 ridiculous reasons employees have given for being lateThese are the best companies to work for and their amazing perksHow to maintain professional connections when there’s high turnover at your companySurvey: Women claim half as much on expense reports as menSurvey: Many are doing side hustles during work hoursSurvey: 41% of employees feel “shamed” for taking vacationSurvey: These are the loneliest professions in AmericaIf you live in one of these cities, you’re probably happy with your salaryStudy: 77% of adults are on the Internet every day! Here’s how to keep it from controlling your lifeThese are the cities where you will spend your money the fastestThese are the top jobs in America right nowThis startup promises to kill you — and there’s a waiting listFemale doctors are seeing an average pay gap of over $100,000More than 180 female senior ad executives put industry on noticeThis is how STEM recruiters make women feel unwelcome‘Hi,’ ‘Hey,’ ‘Hello’: Why casual email greetings are the way to goStudy: When it comes to raising funds, men and women must pitch differentlyThis is the city where the happiest people in America liveMillennial bosses overwhelmingly prefer ‘online messaging’ over face-to-face communicationThe power of using an inclusion rider in your next employee contractHow to deal with Daylight Saving Time — and what to look forward toPromotions could mean the end of your marriage according to this studyThree female CEOs on what makes them tickStudy reveals the work issues people lose the most sleep overMcDonald’s ‘W’ arches are only the latest corporate feminism failThese are the cities where people wake up the earliest and latestBeyond stereotypes: An interview with Native American designer Bethany YellowtailWhat is International Women’s Day and why it matters in 2018This study finds that Queen Bee Syndrome is very much alive at work and this is the guilty partyResearch: Women making significant gains in tech since 197869% of employees waste 1 month a year on workplace appsThe best and worst states for working women: North tops SouthSit down for this: Standing desks might actually be bad for youWhat Frances McDormand’s Oscars speech can teach us about sharing success with othersThis is why you shouldn’t blindly trust a candidate saying ‘yes’ to a job offerMillions of views on YouTube won’t even earn you enough to make rentLawsuit alleges company’s college campus recruiting is ageistThis guy just quit in solidarity with female coworker over ‘boys’ club’ at FEMA17% of companies have no plans to review equal pay policies despite #TimesUpYou won’t believe the staggering amount of time wasted on workplace smoke breaksThese are the states where the economy is strong and opportunities are growingNew bill seeks to force employers to publicly report sexual harassment settlementsIf you behaved like this in high school, there is a good chance you have a high salaryAlmost 1/3 of millennials say they would dump their partner for a $37,000 raiseMarch Madness costs the average employee 6 hours of productivityStudy reveals the reason people quit while they are aheadThese are the most ‘inappropriate’ things people say they’ve seen or done at workThis city has the hardest working people in the United StatesPeter Principle proven: This is why top performers make bad bossesThis is how hitting rock bottom can be the best thing for your careerThis is the price of happiness according to researchersThese are the cities where women are obliterating the pay gap in techAnd the award for worst commute goes to …Austin has become the first city in the South to mandate paid sick leaveWhat Fergie’s National Anthem disaster (and response) can teach us about embracing failureThis AI chatbot can help you anonymously report harassment in the workplaceLabor board rules ex-Google employee’s firing over ‘gender stereotypes’ was legal81% of workers say they’ve either been bullied or witnessed it happening to a coworkerThe crazy reason this U.S. senator can’t take maternity leaveLearn and earn: This language can help you cash inGoogle is making email live and interactiveSurvey: Americans reach a record level of unhappinessSurvey: 33% of bad office romances result in a terminationOlympic gold medalist Chloe Kim shows us why enjoying the moment can make you more successfulGet inspired by Mirai Nagasu and Adam Rippon’s Olympic comebackYour paycheck may not matter to a date, but your debt doesA missing comma resulted in a group of dairy drivers getting $5 millionStudy: Your office’s dim lighting could be making you a dimwitFacebook patents technology to predict whether you’re rich or poorSince #MeToo, number of men uncomfortable being alone with a woman at work has doubledStudy: 57% of millennials say social media leads to unplanned spending86% of people say work jeopardizes their attempts to stay healthyStudy: Workplace wellness programs do not save employees money or make them healthierRelax! Using your cellphone at work won’t give you cancerSurvey: Employees say harassment goes unreported more than HR professionals doAmazon patents wristbands to track workers’ movementsThe psychopathic consequence of a bad bossOffice romances at lowest level in 10 years, but employee-boss relationships up 47%Research: Idle time at work is costing U.S. businesses up to $100 billion a yearSenators call for better data collection to measure economic impact of sexual harassmentSurvey: Office romance hits the lowest point in 10 yearsSurvey: Workers want to take more vacations but are bad at planning time offYou could one day attend meetings with someone else’s body via ‘human Uber’59% of employees skip work or show up late the day after a major sporting eventThis male CEO cut his salary by $48,000 to match his female predecessorSurvey: 60% of tech moms say childcare options are ‘horrible’Hillary Clinton reportedly kept campaign aide Burns Strider, accused of sexual harassment, from being firedJessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer show us how you can team up with your coworkersThe pros and cons of employees making a salary-transparent databaseSurvey: Americans’ ideas of success go beyond incomeNo, this job posting is not from the ’50s, it’s from 2018Study: Yes, you may be able to catch up on sleep during the weekendStudy: Need for peer approval is the biggest motivator at workHere is Elon Musk’s out-of-this world new pay package at TeslaA person was able to ‘shoplift’ from Amazon’s new convenience storeThe Google Chrome extension Memento Mori would like to remind you that death awaits us allStudy: Many millennials spend more on coffee than they save for retirementAmazon will no longer ask job applicants for their salary historySurvey: YouTube now among biggest influences on what kids want to be when they grow upThis is the top reason employers expect more people to quit this yearResearch: Working for a company that’s been shamed can cost you moneySurvey: Americans have an extremely high bar for what constitutes online harassmentThese are the best jobs in AmericaBad news: You probably don’t have Martin Luther King Jr. Day offSurvey: Millennials want passion more than moneyStudy: Perfectionism is on the rise among millennialsSurvey: Highly educated dads get the most time with their childrenThese are the cities hit hardest by the winter bluesEx-Google engineer James Damore files class-action suit alleging discrimination against white conservative menHere’s what one state is doing to help workers caring for elderly parentsIn Iceland, it’s now illegal for men to be paid more than womenNew Time’s Up initiative wants to help less famous employees deal with sexual harassmentResearch: ‘Mental load’ weighs down working mothersHere are the top 4 companies for working parentsSurvey: These are the top skills employees want to learnPoll: Americans have very different definitions of sexual harassment at workGood news: Pay packages are growingThis household job will pay two people six figures, but you probably can’t cut itSurvey: 4 in 10 American women say they’ve experienced gender discrimination in the officeSurvey: Majority of managers see year-end bonuses growing in 2017Survey: More than half of active job seekers would take a pay cut for the perfect jobSurvey: Vast majority of employees say they never work up to their potentialSurvey: Career success still seen as far more important for men in 2017SURVEY: More office holiday parties are scaling back on drinking in post-Weinstein worldSurvey: This generation is most likely to tattle to the boss over annoying behaviorSurvey: Americans no longer prefer male bossesThis is how much your parents’ jobs determine your future careerAnti-harassment training doesn’t work — but this doesHere are two trends plaguing older workersResearch reveals: How to create happy memories that will last a lifetimeSurvey: Here’s how people really feel about robots in the workplaceStudy: This is exactly how much you can brag on your resume before it backfiresThis is why Americans suffer from vacation deprivationMost American workers didn’t get raises this year — with this exceptionUber lawsuit says ‘stack ranking’ evaluation is discriminatorySurvey: Thinking we’re being paid fairly matters more than actually being paid fairlyWeGrow is a new entrepreneur school for five-year-oldsThe next sunset after 5pm won’t happen until late January — here are 4 ways to copeStudy: Actually, psychopaths aren’t financial geniusesNew York City institutes paid ‘safe leave’ for domestic violenceFewer than half of Americans say a successful career is necessary to achieve the American DreamSurvey: These are the reasons employees stay — or don’tSurvey: Remote workers are paranoid and feel left outThis is how your kids might accidentally get you firedSurvey: These are the top office stress factorsThree states move to block agreements concealing harassment at work3 top reasons people turn down a job offerStudy: Women are doing same work as men with different outcomesThese high-paying jobs have the worst divorce ratesReport: These are the fastest-declining jobs in the U.S.You’ll never have to leave work again with Amazon KeyStudy: Adding 20 minutes to your commute is like getting a 19% pay cutThe 25 best cities to move to if you want to be happyTech workers worry about age discrimination at age 40: StudyRural Americans want a job, while urbanites want a raise: ReportAre you in one of the most chronically underpaid, high-paying jobs in America?These are the hardest-working cities in the U.S.Many more Americans now believe sexual harassment at work is a serious problemStudy: Men become interested in tech careers earlier than womenThis is why you can’t rely on whisper networks to stop the Harvey Weinsteins of your workplaceThese are the 9 most annoying phrases people use at work, according to a new surveyThis is the fastest-growing $100K+ job in the countryThe Supreme Court case that could prevent 25 million workers from suing their employersThe majority of men think there are enough women leaders at work, study saysAfter 48, you’re less likely to get jobs in Silicon Valley, report findsWealthy parents want their kids to get a job as early as middle schoolThese are the 6 states where income is growing fastestThis PR job requires you to babysit the CEO’s kidsFacebook is facing two age discrimination lawsuitsEmployers having a tough time finding qualified candidates, survey saysToday’s teenagers are taking longer to grow up, study findsReport: Fewer men than ever are breadwinners12 cities where you don’t have to be a millionaire to live like oneSuspect on the run from police stops into cellphone store to ask for jobThis woman was fired for having her period at work. Now she’s suing4 ways to shut down your smartphone obsessionThese are the 15 highest-paying jobs in the nation, LinkedIn foundHow to become successful even when you think you can’t beBillionaire CEOs make a pro-immigration pitch to save DACAPeople risked their lives to get to work during Hurricane Harvey1 in 5 Americans don’t want to look their boss in the eye when they quitSTUDY: Men puff up their successes on LinkedIn, while women undersell themselvesGoogle reveals its secret recipe for leadership successNew study: 4 cups of coffee daily may make you practically immortalMan fired by text message from his new job for getting stranded in Hurricane HarveyThe 5 things no one really tells you about successNew analysis: Americans are the smiliest people on LinkedInWhat does Uber’s new CEO have that Travis Kalanick didn’t?Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will take long paternity leave, and that’s a good thingNew app will make office gossip a force for goodStop using the ‘compliment sandwich’ to give feedbackNow Google searches will nudge you if you’re clinically depressedNo wonder we don’t fear robots at work. 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