Travel the world while designing clothes for a CEO – and her little dogs, too

Imagine a fashionable CEO – call her Jane – is taking a year’s worth of trips around the world. First, Jane should take several Louis Vuitton trunks full of clothing – no, scratch that. What she’ll actually want is her own personal designer, who will source material in whatever city she’s in, and create a new outfit for her to wear at each port of call. But what about her two Pomeranians, who will naturally come with? They’ll need outfits, too – made to measure, and match – his mistress’s, natch.

You could be this designer: the CEO is currently seeking a new couturier. Last week, Jane contacted Sewport, a garment-production platform, seeking help.

“I am a fashion-conscious CEO with a unique sense of style, that I love expressing,” Jan wrote. “To cut to the chase I’m in need of a personal fashion designer, but I spend almost all my time traveling, whether it’s for work or pleasure. Luckily I can afford the privilege of wearing a bespoke wardrobe, and I love knowing that no one else has clothes like mine, but because I’m away a lot I need someone to travel with me.”

Some of the events that Jane the CEO (and her Poms) will need outfits for include the horse races in Dubai, and Wimbledon in England. Casual outfits will be needed for dinners with her family and friends (location unspecified).

Of course, there may be a few red flags in this job listing:

  • The pay is $52,000 [paid in pounds], which may seem low for the amount of work involved (see above and below)
  • The CEO readily admits that she had to let go of her last personal designer “after repeated creative clashes and a loss of confidence in their ability.”

Still! Besides gaining experience, there are perks – food, accommodations, travel, design material, and tools – that are all paid for.

And come prepared to work: “As is the nature of my schedule, some weeks my designer may need to work 50-hour weeks, which I know is extensive, but others they will only need to work around 10, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of traveling the world.”

Sounds good? Great. Simply apply here.