Working out is great, but doing it this way might make you live longer

There are different theories that lead to a healthier and longer life, but a new study claims that speeding up your exercise routine is the secret to helping you live longer than the rest.

A test conducted by Brazilian scientists, via Medical News Today,  suggests that muscle power helps keep your body in better shape than just regular muscle strength. When they tested nearly 4,000 non-athletes, they found that people with maximal muscle power over the median had higher survival rates.

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The study

Professor Claudio Gil Araújo, who leads a Brazilian exercise clinic, CLINIMEX, tested 3,878 non-athletes between ages 41-85 years over a 15-year period using one exercise: the upright row. The age group was selected based on muscle power decreasing after age 40. The clinic selected the highest total after three attempts with increased weight.

Scientists followed up with participants nearly seven years after their trials, where they concluded that those with muscle power higher than the median had higher survival rates, while those below had a better chance of dying.

Participants who had ranked below the midpoint had a risk of dying 10 to 13 times higher.

“For optimal power training results, you should go beyond typical strength training and add speed to your weight lifts,” Araújo said.

To focus on power in your regiment, perform 1-to-3 sets for about 6-to-8 repetitions doing movements as quickly as possible. Slowly decline before using explosive force on your next repetition.

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