Faithful service dog earns a yearbook picture for his hard work

One service dog was so loyal, he earned himself a spot in a high school yearbook— and rightfully so.

Andrew “AJ” Schalk, a junior of at Virignia’s Stafford High School with Type 1 diabetes, takes a pooch named Alpha to school with him every day. The dog smells the student’s breath to check his blood sugar levels, which keeps him alive.

Schalk told Mashable about why Alpha entered his life, and the crucial role the dog plays in it.

“The decision to get a service dog came about just to have greater control over my blood sugar and A1C, and Alpha has even saved my life on multiple occasions,” Schalk told the publication.

The cutest shot ever

Schalk tweeted a photo of himself and Alpha in the yearbook —complete with their names.

Grace Fuller, a junior on the high school’s yearbook staff, told about much Alpha means to the school.

She reportedly featured the dog in “in a small profile in last year’s annual,” and when looking at this year’s photos, she saw a picture of him and thought he had earned a spot in the book. Schalk went with her to ask Alpha could be included and got a ton of support.

“AJ has always talked about how much he liked having Alpha at school, and he is here all the time—we see him in class and in the hallways…He is a part of this school now,” Fuller told

He even replied to a Twitter account with a photo of Alpha’s ID card.

Alpha’s yearbook is sure to last forever— he is sure to go down in history at Stafford High School.