Survey: A large number of Millennials are literally attached to their phones all day

We’ve had our suspicions, but were afraid to ask: Over half (53%) of Millennials feel anxious if they find themselves without their phones, according to a YouGov Omnibus survey. That’s slightly worse than teenagers: Recent data from Pew Research found 42% of Americans teens reported feeling anxious without their phones.

Even more surprising, 41% of Millennials say they keep their phones in their hands throughout the day, seemingly afraid to let go.

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When asked where the rest of them kept their phones (and give the chance to choose all that applied), Millennials’ most popular response was in their pants or skirt pocket (50%), on a desk or table (41%), in their hand (41%), and in a purse or backpack (31%).

All generations are attached to their phones to an extent, but as you can see from the chart below, Millennials proved the most extreme in all behaviors – especially for the “holding onto it all day” option.

You’ve heard the other data – 31% of Millennials are checking their phones within one minute of waking up; 24% of the greatest generation sleeps with their cell “on my bed next to me” at night. And regardless of generation, we check our phones 80 times a day.

Perhaps it’s time to create a Yondr for not just concerts, but personal cell phone use?

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