This is why Americans enjoy traveling solo

While taking a vacation with a friend or significant other can be easy and familiar, Americans want to strike out on their own when it comes to travel. A majority (66%) say they have already taken a trip by themselves or would consider doing so, according to research from YouGov RealTime in a survey they conducted of 1,215 adults. The most popular reason people offered for traveling alone (or wanting to) is being able to choose their own itinerary and decide things completely by themselves (47%).

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The other most popular reasons:

  • Others said it was easier to relax on their vacation when they were alone (37%).
  • A third (32%) said traveling alone builds up their independence and self-confidence. This reason was especially big among Millennial (41%)and Gen X (39%) women. Relatedly, Millennial women are most likely to say that they’ve never traveled alone before but would consider doing so.
  • Another third (32%) said that certain destinations were attractive to them, but not to their partner or friends. (Serbia, anyone?)
  • And 17% said it was easier to meet new people when they were flying solo.

Who has already flown solo?

Nearly one in five (19%) millennial women have traveled internationally alone, and 16% of female Gen Xers and 14% of female Baby Boomers have as well. Twenty percent of Millennial men have traveled alone.

What kind of trip is good for solo-tripping?

Of course, traveling solo depends on the type of trip. At least half of Americans (57%) says they would like to take a trip to another U.S. city by themselves. Half would be into taking a solo road trip. Fewer people are interested in taking a beach vacation by themselves (40%), and only 37% would want to go to a foreign city alone.

Only a quarter would go camping alone, proving that pitching a tent and building a fire is a fairly social activity.

Those who do not want to travel alone said their primary reasons are that they fear feeling unsafe (57%), especially women, or lonely (51%).

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