Survey: Women-led companies have more engaged employees

Maybe working for women leaders is just better.

Peakon, a real-time HR insights platform, did a study of survey of 57,483 workers conducted over four years to study how companies with female-led companies (greater than 50%  female representation in management) compared with male-led companies.

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Overall, it was found that in comparison to male-led companies, the employees (of both genders)of women-led companies were more aligned and in belief with the company’s mission and strategy, were evangelists for the company’s products and services, and had autonomy as employees with policies like work-from-home. Most significantly employees at women-led companies were more engaged.

Inspiring women

When asked to answer on a scale from 1-10 the question, “I’m inspired by the purpose and mission of our organization,” women-led companies scored 0.8 points higher in response.

In short, women-led companies were better places to work – and they had employees that were better for the company.

Of course, there are variables that should be accounted for.  Women and men choose the industries they work in – a Gallup poll that finds that men ten to take manufacturing or production jobs in higher numbers, which typically have lower levels of engagement. Women, on the other hand, tend to take more professional jobs, which have higher levels of engagement.

“While the data has shown substantial differences in employee responses at female-led organizations, we must be careful not to draw cursory conclusions,” said Ieva Zeromskaite, a data scientist at Peakon, in a blog post. “We shouldn’t assume a one-way causal relationship, but the initial findings do raise some very interesting questions about the potential benefits of diverse leadership.”

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