If you live in this city, you’re actually living your best life

If you’re trying to find your best self, look at one of these cities.

A new report by Deutsche Bank analyzed prices and living standards for residents in cities around the world in an effort to find the cities with the highest quality of life.

The research found that Zurich, Switzerland was the best city to live in, moving up just one spot from 2018. All but one city (Wellington, New Zealand) were based in Europe in the report’s top five including Copenhagen (Denmark), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), and Vienna (Austria).

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The quality-of-life list was compiled by measuring purchasing power, crime and safety, healthcare availability, cost of consumer goods, housing and other metrics.

Deutsche Bank said it excludes cultural, entertainment and social opportunities from its scoring criteria.

The company also ranked cities on oddities like the where the most expensive pack of Marlboro Cigarettes is (Melbourne, Australia) to where you can find the cheapest monthly gym membership (Bangladesh, Dhaka $25).

Boston and San Francisco were the only cities in the United States to rank inside the top 10 for the best quality of life. San Franciso jumped 21 places over the last five years due to its rapid tech growth, according to the report.

The cities with the lowest quality of life are Lagos (Nigeria), Beijing (China) and Manila (Philippines).

The top 10 cities with the highest quality of life

1 Zurich, Switzerland
2 Wellington, New Zealand
3 Copenhagen, Denmark
4 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
5 Vienna, Austria
6 Helsinki, Finland
7 Melbourne, Australia
8 Boston, United States
9 San Francisco, United States
10 Sydney, Australia


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