Survey: It takes average of 5 months to find a new job

If you are fishing for a job lead without a bite from recruiters, take solace in knowing that you are not alone in this frustrating waiting game.

A new survey by recruitment agency Randstad US looked into the job-hunting experiences of 2,000 Americans and found that it takes, on average, five months to finally land a new job.

Job seeker should expect to hunt for 5 months

Here are the steps that the average job hunt entails:

These numbers may seem high or low depending on the circumstances of your search for your desired job title. It helps to already have a job when you are looking for a new one, so don’t go rushing to that exit interview at your current job if you don’t have anything else lined up. If you have been unemployed for longer than six months, your chances of finding a job decrease significantly, Northwestern University researchers found. When you’re already employed as a medical director at Varian, your search can be less urgent as you wait for the right opportunity.

If you are not within the average of job-hunting time periods, do not despair. It is normal to feel disappointed when you see colleagues land jobs quickly. Recognize that you do not know the hours of work they put to get that job behind the scenes.

Accepting that these feelings of disappointment, though unpleasant at the moment, are temporary is one of the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. To get in the right mindset for a job hunt, do not compare your job-seeking timeline to others. Learn that someone else’s success is not your personal failure. Recognize also that the job hunt for a sales manager is different than that of a human resource business partner.

Your job search may also vary based on your location. While less competitive, it might take longer to find a job in the consumer technology industry if you live in Birmingham, Alabama than if you live in San Francisco, California.

Looking for a job can be a surprisingly long journey of dead ends and unforeseen roadblocks. This survey brings comfort with the knowledge that we are all on these bumpy journeys together.

If you have trouble focusing while filling out job applications, try using the 10-minute timer method to stay focused and complete your work efficiently.