The shocking number of workers planning to leave their job due to COVID-19

One of the biggest questions in the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic remains: did your company handle the health crisis the right way?

As offices were forced to shut down and adapt to remote working situations, workers got a glimpse of how executives and managers were handling the crisis. For some, it was a time where the office leaders led by example and ensured both physical and mental health. But for nearly a third of employees, the actions taken by their company during the coronavirus pandemic was so negative that they are planning to leave their job within the next year, according to a new study.

Nulab surveyed 1,000 employed Americans to see how businesses are responding to COVID-19 and how it has impacted the worker. The survey, conducted at the height of the outbreak, found that roughly two out of five employees said they had a positive opinion of how their employer handled the response to COVID-19 but 32% said the response was so bad that they will look for work elsewhere.

Leading the charge for change is Millennials. Twenty-four percent of Millennial respondents said they thought their employer’s response was more negative, which was followed by Generation X (21%) and Baby boomers (17%).

Baby Boomers felt the most positive about responses, with 47% of respondents reporting so.

By the business sector, essential service workers reacted most negatively (29%) to their employer’s response.

Overall, 73% of respondents said they felt safe in their current work environment despite other studies saying that workers could be hesitant to return to work. Sixteen percent reported feeling unsafe.