Single women are now outpacing single men in this category

You go girl. In addition to women earning more college and doctoral degrees than men, single women are now outpacing men when it comes to buying homes. LendingTree, an online loan marketplace, found that on average single women own 22% of homes while men come in at less than 13%. This means single women own, on average, more than 70,000 more homes than men do. They defined single homeowners as single men or women who live in an owner-occupied home.

As for which city single women own the largest share of owner-occupied homes and own nearly twice as many homes as men, New Orleans is the place (27% compared to 15%.)

In Oklahoma city, single men own the largest share of owner-occupied homes (out of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the country) at 16%, but this was still less than women in this city who came in at 24%. Take a look at the charts below to see the rest of the metro areas and their shares of single homeowners.

A different gap

Miami, Richmond, and Birmingham displayed the widest homeownership gap between men and women at 12.59%, 12.46%, and 11.7% respectively. Take a look at the charts below for the full results of the study.