This major superfood lunch staple may not be around much longer

The kale craze is coming to a close.

Depending on personal preference, kale can be good or bad. Some like massaging it until it’s edible, even if you still have to chomp through its rough leaf, while others will complain about its texturized feel and how it’s too harsh for their stomachs. Regardless of your stance, it became an unlikely staple across American plates, like at every single trendy salad-to-go lunch spot.

That’s changing, according to research.

The Atlantic took a bite out of kale recently when it found that the leafy green isn’t as popular as it once was. Using Google Trends, the piece found that Google users’ searches have gone way down from where they once were, except for one month a year — January — likely because it’s the start of a new year and new diets restart.

Kale’s glory days via search were in 2014, but since then sales have started to slip, while Brussels sprout has overtaken kale as thew new hipster go-to vegetable.