Kate McKinnon will star as Elizabeth Holmes in new series about Theranos

Kate McKinnon will star in an upcoming Hulu miniseries about Theranos, the crooked company that shut down in September 2018 after scandal destroyed its reputation, according to Deadline. The series will highlight the downward spiral of Elizabeth Holmes, the 35-year-old founder and former CEO who was once thought to be the next Steve Jobs.

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The upcoming limited series will take the same name as the ABC News podcast, The Dropout, titled so because Holmes dropped out of Stanford to launch her company. Holmes quickly built Theranos, a healthcare technology company that promised to revolutionize blood testing by making it more accessible, affordable and less painful.

The promising tech start-up was unveiled as a sham in a 2015 Wall Street Journal report, which led to widespread distrust of the company and ongoing investigations. Holmes was indicted on two counts of conspiracy and nine counts of wire fraud in June 2018. The Department of Justice said that Holmes faces 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.  She is set to attend a status hearing in San Francisco on April 22, according to Elle.

The Saturday Night Live star will not only star as the disgraced entrepreneur, but will also act as executive producer along with Rebecca Jarvis, The Dropout podcast host and creator.

In January, ABC News launched The Dropout, an investigative podcast that detailed the events of the biggest disaster in Silicon Valley. Jarvis, who created and hosted the podcast, is also the ABC News chief business, technology and economics correspondent.

The podcast was then turned into a two-hour documentary, which aired on 20/20 in March.

Podcast producers Taylor Dunn Victoria Thompson will also serve as producers on the series. The Dropout series, which is expected to run between six to ten episodes, has no release date as of yet.

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