Drink up: Millennials spend more on craft beer than any other generation

Craft beer is at the top of many’s lists — including Millenials.

A new survey conducted by C+R research found beer drinkers spend an average of $59 per month on craft beer, with Millennials leading the spending pack due to their obsession with craft beer.

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Millennials spend an additional $5 per month because more than half said they prefer having at least one craft beer per week.

43% of Millennials said they visit a brewery or brewpub at least once a month.

The survey, which polled 2,000 Americans from ages 21 to 70 who said they consume alcohol, found that most drinkers (76%) were comfortable spending more money because they preferred drinking craft beer due to its taste and quality.

The monthly spending habits on craft beer differ between men and women. Male drinkers spend an average of $66 a month while female drinkers spend $50 a month on craft beer, according to the survey.

While craft breweries are shrinking in the UK, they continue to rise in the US. Over 7,000 breweries were operating in the US in 2018, according to a recent report.

It might be easy to peg Millennials as craft beer snobs, but it’s not exactly accurate.

Research by the Federal Research examining Millennials’ spending habits found that just 1.4% of Millennials’ total expenditures was used on alcoholic beverages. That’s the same number for Gen-Xers while Boomers spent the highest, about 1.9% in 1986.

Millennials, according to the survey, preferred IPAs as their craft beer.

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