This odd technique may finally get rid of your horrible winter cold

If you’re anything like me then once October hits having a cold pretty much becomes your status quo. If there is a cold out there, I catch it and it settles right in and doesn’t go anywhere for a long time.

Now I try to do all the stuff you are supposed to do, but I am also not a perfect human being and can’t sit at work all day with a blanket wrapped around me, drinking tea and orange juice in rotations. If I really wanted to avoid a cold I would have to avoid work altogether as well as public transportation as both of these places are filled with germs. And this winter has been especially bad as even when I finally got rid of one cold (thank you antibiotics) my cold hiatus was very short lived as I got one the next week.

I am so desperate for a cure I have almost taken my sister’s advice of ingesting some sort of elderberry concoction (I’m pretty sure that’s what all the evil witches gave princesses in fairy tales, but at this point, I am open to it.)

However new research shows that something else may help to remedy my sad plight. There are actually multiple studies that show that simply listening to music can help you beat your cold. A 2008 study found that when 300 participants listened to either 50 minutes of upbeat dance music versus a control group that just heard a “random collection of tones,” the former saw an increase in the antibody immunoglobulin A, which is very important for your immune system.

Music fends off infection

A study out of Japan found that  the subjects, who participated in bimonthly group sessions that had them listening to music, lowered their systolic blood pressure by an average of five to six points after three months of doing this. High blood pressure can lead to many problems including heart disease.

In a review of 400 studies, published in 2013 by McGill University, in Canada, it was found that music helped raise levels of killer cells – or white blood cells – that help to destroy infected or cancerous cells. So, in other words, turn on some music if you have had a cold for over a week.

H/t to Bustle.