These are the cities gaining and losing the most workers right now

Where have all the workers gone? Denver, Austin, and Seattle apparently. According to the monthly LinkedIn Workforce Report for April which looks at hiring, skills gaps, and migration trends across the country, and insights into localized employment trends in 20 of the largest U.S. metro areas, workers are flocking to certain cities.

The data was looked at through a state tax burden filter, but the report found that job opportunities and affordable housing were the main reasons people were migrating to certain cities.

Cities that gained the most workers (population gain per 10,000 LinkedIn members in the last 12 months)

Let’s take a look at the cities everyone is flocking to and the ones people are fleeing fast. LinkedIn defines migration as a member changing their profile on their account. It should also be noted that for April hiring across the U.S. was 19.8% higher than in April 2017. And be sure to take a look at the 15 companies hiring for $100K on Ladders this month.

1. Denver, CO

Population gain: 72.7

2. Austin, TX

Population gain: 65.9

3. Seattle, WA

Population gain: 61.6

4. Las Vegas, NV

Population gain: 58.8

5. Nashville, TN

Population gain: 51.3

6. Charlotte, NC

Population gain: 50.3

7. Tampa-St.Petersburg, FL

Population gain: 49.9

8. Portland, OR

Population gain: 40.1

9. West Palm Beach, FL

Population gain: 39.4

10. Jacksonville, FL

Population gain: 33.1

All of these cities have hot job markets with an emphasis in the tech space. Denver has actually gained more workers in the last year than anywhere else and has the second lowest millennial unemployment rate in the country, according to the Denver Post. It seems that New Yorkers are flocking there in droves as Denver has the highest gross migration (gains + losses) with New York City.

For every 10,000 LinkedIn members in Denver, 29.76 workers either moved to or from New York City in the last year. It should also be noted that all the cities listed above are beating out long-running champ San Francisco for attracting workers.

Cities that lost the most workers (population loss per 10,000 LinkedIn members in the last 12 months)

And who are the losers? The East coast is not faring well when it comes to retaining workers though, the Midwest didn’t too much better.

1. Hartford, CT

Population loss: -61.8

2. Providence, RI

Population loss: -49.5

3. Pittsburgh, PA

Population loss: -42.2

4. Chicago, IL

Population loss: -40.1

5. Norfolk, VA

Population loss: -36.0

6. St. Louis, MO

Population loss: -30.1

7. Oklahoma City, OK

Population loss: -29.5

8. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Population loss: -27.5

9. Baltimore, MD

Population loss: -27.3

10. Cincinnati, OH

Population loss: -27.1

Hartford took the top spot as Connecticut’s personal income taxes are among the highest in the nation and corporate giants like Aetna moved its headquarters to Manhattan (GE also moved from Stamford to Boston.) A number of prominent hedge funds in the state also relocated to Florida.