Teachers make a massive impact on who we are, according to this study

More than 75% of Americans attribute at least one teacher to making a major impact on their life and career success, according to new research.

A survey by Typing.com polled over 1,000 Americans and asked about the educator in their lives that made the biggest impact.

Eighty-eight percent of people attributed their career success to a meaningful teacher. Out of those responses, 41% said their most influential teacher came later in their education in high school.

The study also found that the most influential teachers taught English (17%) and math (14%), respectively.

As to what teachers inspired their students, 65% reported that their teachers helped them realized their greater self-worth while 63% attributed their teachers as the guiding light to help them discover a passion or interest.

Forty-one percent said that teachers inspired their career path with 59% exploring a career in education.

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