This is the group most likely to move for their significant other’s job

Moving is complicated enough when you’re going it alone, but what if you’re moving with – or for – another person? You might even be moving away from someone.

Porch surveyed 1,000 people about whether they’d follow their love to a faraway land – if their love landed their dream job.

  • Women in a relationship were 15% more likely than men to say they’d move to a new country for their partner’s new job.
  • On the other hand, Millennials had the lowest percentage of women and the highest percentage of men who would move for their partner’s new job.

Women more likely to move for their partner’s career

In general, women were the most loyal when it came to moving for their partner’s career.

  • 81% of women were willing to move to a nearby state (as compared to 75% of men)
  • 75% of women were willing to move across the country (versus 66% for men)
  • 61% of women were even willing to move to a different county (versus 57% for men)

Possible reasons why women are more willing to move for their partners’ is that they stay home and rely on their partner’s income, or stay home with children.

Millennials are different

Millennials, however, are a different story when it comes to moving for their sweetheart. Millennials had the lowest percentage of women willing to move for their partner’s career. Female Millennials are participating in the labor force in very high numbers – levels not seen since 2000. They may not be willing to part with their hard-won career track.

Is moving required if you’re married?

Of course, one would assume that if you’re actually married, you pretty much have to move with your spouse. The numbers show that, while not at 100%, spouses move with each other at extremely high rates.

  • 92% of married women and 89% of married men were willing to move with each other for a career change.

But for the one that stays behind …

It’s not a good idea to stubbornly stay behind while your partner moves. Over half (59%) of people broke up after only one partner moved for a new job.

So go ahead and move with them – only 10% of those surveyed who moved for their partner’s work felt remorseful over it.

That’s not to say there weren’t issues with moving together – the biggest one was missing family (52%) or friends (49%).

Other opinions

A separate survey on moving for love by HireaHelper published earlier this year found that:

  • Two-thirds (65%) of people who moved for a significant other are glad they made this decision
  • Three-quarters (73%) of people who moved for a romantic partner are either still together or were together for more than a year. This includes 38% who moved for the romantic partner they’re still with.

And you can relax, because the actual relocating is the hardest part for many – if you can get over that, you’re golden. A quarter (27%) said that moving is the worst part of relocating for love.