This is the highest paying entry level job of 2019

Another year, another crop of young graduates eager to secure economic independence as quickly as possible. Though it varies depending on the occupation, by and large, it takes graduates about three to six months to land an entry-level job, assuming they’re prudent enough to start applying for positions around three months before graduation.

The thing is, as of 2019, 50% of recent graduates earn wages less than $42,000 a year, and 25% earn less than $32,000. Forty-percent of grads are underemployed, as per U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey.

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U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey

Show me the money

If you belong to the class of 2019 you might want to check out Glassdoor’s recent economic study of the most competitive internship pay and the types of entry-level jobs that command the highest salaries.

The report is an extensive analysis of salary reviews left in 2018 by American employees ages 25, and under. This year’s results showcase a clear winner; not only do “Data Scientists” start off with a median wage of $95,000 a year,  the position has been voted “Best Job In America”  four years in a row, with the highest reports of job satisfaction, and the most job openings of all the occupations reviewed.

It’s one of the few jobs that isn’t threatened by the progression of technology. The more technology advances, the greater the need for skilled professionals to collect and organize data. It stands to reason that the second and third highest paying entry level positions belong to similar fields. Software engineers secure a median starting wage of  $90,000 a year, and Product Managers can expect to earn around $89,000 annually. Check out the full list below,

Rank Job Title Median Base Salary
1 Data Scientist $95,000
2 Software Engineer $90,000
3 Product Manager $89,000
4 Investment Banking Analyst $85,000
5 Product Designer $85,000
6 UX Designer $73,000
7 Implementation Consultant $72,000
8 Java Developer $72,000
9 Systems Engineer $70,000
10 Software Developer $68,600
11 Process Engineer $68,258
12 Front End Developer $67,500
13 Product Engineer $66,750
14 Actuarial Analyst $66,250
15 Electrical Engineer $66,000
16 Mechanical Engineer $65,000
17 Design Engineer $65,000
18 Applications Developer $65,000
19 Test Engineer $65,000
20 Programmer Analyst $65,000
21 Quality Engineer $64,750
22 Physical Therapist $63,918
23 Field Engineer $63,750
24 Project Engineer $63,000
25 Business Analyst $63,000

Using data collected from salary reviews submitted by interns between March 1st, 2018, and February 28th, 2019, Glassdoor also determined which Internships offer the most competitive pay.

Tech industries dominated this list as well, accounting for 44% of the entire ranking. In an effort to ensure they have the very best of the best, to chose from, Facebook offers a median monthly pay of $8,000 to their interns, just ahead of Amazon’s $7,725. Many of the top contenders settle around $7,000 a month for their intern budget, which means new interns generally earn about $84,000 a year.

Rank Employer Median Monthly Pay
1 Facebook $8,000
2 Amazon $7,725
3 Salesforce $7,667
4 Google $7,500
5 Microsoft $7,250
6 Uber $7,167
7 Bloomberg L.P. $7,000
8 Capital One $7,000
9 Apple $6,667
10 Bank of America $5,833
11 J.P. Morgan $5,667
12 Goldman Sachs $5,367
13 Viasat $5,333
14 Visa Inc. $5,167
15 Intel Corporation $5,000
16 SAP $4,833
17 EY $4,825
18 Tesla $4,667
19 Deloitte $4,667
20 Cisco Systems $4,667
21 PwC $4,500
22 KPMG $4,500
23 Genentech $4,500
24 Dell $4,333
25 Boeing $4,167


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