These are 13 of the most LGBTQ friendly tech companies

June is Pride Month. This is a month-long celebration of the LGBTQ community that includes parades, workshops, and many other events. Many tech companies have gotten in on the Pride ride as they want to celebrate their employees in this important community. Blind, a workplace app for tech workers, used by 40,000 Microsoft employees, 25,000 from Amazon, 10,000 from Google, 7,000 from Uber, 6,000 from Facebook, and thousands from other tech companies, polled its users to see how LGBTQ friendly their company is.

Here were the findings of the survey (conducted from May 29 through June 3 of this year) of 2,475 respondents when asked to answer with True or False to this statement: My current work environment is LGBTQ friendly.

The 13 most LGBTQ-friendly tech companies

1. Pinterest: 98.15% said True

2. Salesforce: 96.49% said True

3. LinkedIn: 96.49% said True

4. Uber: 96.40% said True

5. Apple: 96.23% said True

6. Facebook: 96.00% said True

7. Lyft: 95.08% said True

8. Google: 94.85% said True

9. eBay: 92.31% said True

10. Microsoft: 91.76% said True

11. Amazon: 91.55% said True

12. Snapchat: 88.68% said True

13. Airbnb: 87.04% said True

Well, it was Pinterest for the win, but Salesforce and LinkedIn weren’t far behind.  Overall, 92.3% of those surveyed said the statement is “True” and nine of the 13 tech companies finished with a higher percentage of “True” responses than the overall survey average of 92.3%.

Not all good news

Despite this positive news, Blind cited some unfortunate facts from CreditDonkey about LGBT workers.

  • Approximately 1 in every 4 LGBT people has undergone some type of discrimination in their lifetime.

  • As many as 30% of transgender workers have reported some type of discrimination in the workplace, including being fired or not getting a promotion because of their sexual identity.

  • An estimated that 9.1% of gay couples and 4.9% of lesbian couples over the age of 65 live in poverty due to a lifetime of discrimination in the workplace.

  • Only 21% of US companies offer paid family leave; 23% offer paid adoption leave and just 15% offer paid foster child leave.