Not surprisingly ‘Game of Thrones’ baby names are on the rise

Parents are getting another generation ready for “Game of Thrones.”

While the popular HBO show ends in just three weeks, baby names inspired by the show are gaining popularity in the US, with parents naming their newborns after popular characters from the hit TV show.

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The New York Times reported Arya, the main talking point from Sunday’s epic episode, ranks at No. 135 on the most popular name for girls in the US. That’s more popular than Jessica or Danielle for babies in 2017.

In all, 2,156 babies were named after Ayra in 2017.

“Some people think I took my obsession with the show too far,” Marina Lippincott, who named her daughter Arya, told the Times. “I don’t really care. Arya knows who she is and that’s who she wants to be. She goes and gets it. Nothing stops her — not even that she’s a small girl.”

Arya isn’t the only baby name on the climb. The Times reported 20 Sansa, 11 Cerseis, 55 Tyrions and 23 Theons were born in the United States in 2017.

Parenting website Baby Center predicted other character names could blow up in 2019.

Olenna is up 71%, climbing from 18,292 in 2018 to 5,351 while Khalessi rose 7% and now sits No. 493.

Below is the ranking for GOT-inspired baby names, according to Nameberry:


Khaleesi: No. 303
Sansa No. 407
Arya: No. 457
Daenerys: No. 687
Myrcella: No. 2,430
Olenna: No. 3,629
Missandei: No. 4325


Theon: No. 512
Jon: No. 1,413
Tyrion: No. 1,446
Samwell: No. 2,437
Eddard: No. 2,525
Wylis (Hodor): No. 6,154

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