These are the hardest-working countries and cities in the world

Research has found that the average American works more hours than a medieval peasant, but other countries and cities have certainly racked up their fair share of hours as well.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — using the most recent data from 2016 — Mexico, Costa Rica and Korea top the list of average hours worked per year.

The BBC reports that South Korea is cutting down on the number of hours employees can work per week with a new law that will apply to large companies in July eventually expanding to smaller companies.

Hardest working countries in the world

  1. Mexico: 2,255 hours per worker
  2. Costa Rica: 2,212 hours per worker
  3. Korea: 2,069 hours per worker
  4. Greece: 2,035 hours per worker
  5. Russia: 1,974 hours per worker
  6. Chile: 1,974 hours per worker
  7. Poland: 1,928 hours per worker
  8. Latvia: 1,910 hours per worker
  9. Israel: 1,889 hours per worker
  10. Lithuania: 1,885 hours per worker

The United States racked up 1,783 hours per worker in 2016, 16th place on the list.

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Hardest working cities in the world

As for cities, Hong Kong workers put in the most hours on average per week (out of 71 cities) according to the UBS Proces & Earnings report. Here are the Top 10 cities with the average weekly hours worked and the number of yearly paid vacation days they receive:

  1. Hong Kong: 50.1 hours weekly, 17 vacation days
  2. Mumbai: 43.8 hours a week, 21 vacation days
  3. Mexico City: 43.5 hours weekly, 17 vacation days
  4. New Delhi: 42.6 hours weekly, 26 vacation days
  5. Bangkok: 42.1 hours weekly, 9 vacation days
  6. Dubai: 42.0 hours weekly, 30 vacation days
  7. Nairobi: 42.0 hours weekly, 22 vacation days
  8. Taipei: 41.2 hours weekly, 13 vacation days
  9. Jakarta: 40.4 hours weekly, 12 vacation days
  10. Bogota: 40.3 hours weekly, 15 vacation days

The highest U.S. city to make the list was Chicago with 39.1 weekly hours worked and 14 yearly vacation days.