Millennials have anxiety that interferes with work at twice the rate of everyone else

At work, Millennials are filled with anxiety. A new poll for Quartz by SurveyMonkey Audience shows that 18-34-year-olds experience anxiety or depression that interferes with their work at a rate of 30%. That’s almost twice as much as the other age groups, which clocked in their work-disrupting anxiety and depression at 18%.

Aside from Millennials, the Quartz poll gathered some interesting data on mental health on people of all ages.

Mental health days a no-go for the nervous

Some interesting attitudes arose when workers of all ages were polled about the mental health day.  According to these results, the practice still doesn’t seem to have gained steam and is not seen as particularly important.

  • 53% said that on days they felt they needed to take a mental health day, they went to work anyway
  • 33% didn’t feel mental health was a valid enough reason to miss a day of work
  • 33% felt their managers would agree
  • 32% . said they would just call in sick rather than say they were taking a mental health day

Quartz notes that there is no historical data that measures whether or not older generations were anxious at work between the ages of 18-34, so it’s hard to put the findings into context. While it’s tempting to blame such data on debt and total immersion in social media culture, it may not be accurate to do so.

Just a thought: It’s fair to suggest that if these self-reported anxious people actually took some mental health days (or “sick days,” as most are calling them) and prioritized their mental health as worth missing work occasionally, they might not have so much work-interfering anxiety and depression to begin with.