These new products will dramatically change the way you drink coffee

Coffee culture is at an all-time high. It seems like only yesterday when no-one really knew what a macchiato was, and now here we are, occupying an era wherein putting milk in brewed coffee is universally regarded as a crime worthy of death.

If you haven’t been converted quite yet, you likely know someone that has. In either case, here are some surreal coffee gadgets you should keep in mind.

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Coffee alarm clock

Yup, this is happening. You can officially purchase an alarm clock that moonlights as an electronic barista. You set a timer, and the Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock wakes you up with soothing bubbling chimes and a pot of fresh coffee or tea.

The device is also pretty easy on the eyes; aesthetically it’s like the sleek love child of your granddad’s record player and your amazon echo. A meeting with Richard Branson and designer Joshua Renouf sent the latter’s Kickstarter campaign into overdrive, and now this puppy is officially available on the market.

If you have the $445 to spare you gotta pick one up.

Espresso on the go


Wacaco is a startup company based out of Hong Kong founded in 2013. It’s founder, Hugo Cailleton, was struck by the vision of a portable espresso maker after receiving a lackluster shot at a hotel while away on business.

After being dissatisfied with 10 prototypes, Cailleton finally devised a low-cost method of effectively pulling quality shots on the run. Enter the Minipresso; convenient, efficient, delicious.  The best part is, you can snag one of these handy devices for as little as $50!

The H2Joe

We can’t stop talking about this thing. Brett Moody and John Anthony are the brains behind the H2Joe, a reusable coffee thermos, water bottle hybrid that enables consumers with access to both through one lid.

With the help of Kickstarter, the two hope to have this drowsy-dehydration terminator on shelves by October of this year with an expected retail price of $59

Who needs spoons?

Need a beverage to kick you into being active but also hate being active? theGizmoMart Self Stirring Coffee or Tea Mug is the device for you. A great companion gift to the coffee alarm clock.

Now, all we need is for someone to invent a device that pours coffee into mugs for us. Who doesn’t love the bare minimum? Only $12.97!

Sick of buying your Dad WWII books?

Alright, this one might be a little dumb. But it’s also awesome. It’s a motorcycle helmet coffee maker.

The 12-inches long, 11-inch racing helmet contains a drip coffee maker inside that can whip up to 8 cups and can plug into any AC outlet and it’s only $99.95. For just under a hundred dollars, you can purchase a coffee maker … that looks like a race car helmet.

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