These are the best companies to work for and their amazing perks

Do you love your job? Is it because of what you do or the office culture your company provides? Maybe you have unlimited vacation days, or can take a nap in a cozy, little pod any time you want or maybe you just really love the fact that there is an amazing (and free) snack bar available at all times.

Let’s face it. Perks at work these days are a big part of the appeal of some very coveted companies. And as more and more businesses are rolling out perks like free food and cool office spaces, companies are having to become more innovative with what they offer employees. Does a ping pong table even count as a perk anymore?

LinkedIn has just put together its annual list of the Top Companies where people want to work now based on the actions of LinkedIn’s 146 million users and their interest in a company, engagement with a company’s employees, job demand and employee retention. 

The top 15 companies to work at in the U.S.

  1. Amazon
  2. Alphabet
  3. Facebook
  4. Salesforce
  5. Tesla
  6. Apple
  7. Comcast NBCUniversal
  8. The Walt Disney Company
  9. Oracle
  10. Netflix
  11. Spotify
  12. Uber
  13. McKinsey & Company
  14. Adobe
  15. Airbnb

Of course, company perks played a big role in this. A salary will only take you so far. A company needs to offer benefits that will keep their employees happy and satisfied because that can lead to better production. Let’s take a look at some of the top perks of the companies that made the list. 

Parental benefits

Spotify offers employees six months of paid parental leave, one month of flexible work for returning parents and foots the bill for egg freezing and fertility assistance.

Goldman Sachs offers new mothers “maternity mentors” to support them through pregnancy and their return to work

J&J’s suite of benefits includes $20,000 in financial assistance for adoption or surrogacy, 17 weeks of paid parental leave and breastmilk shipping for mothers who travel for work. Pet parents can take advantage of pet insurance for their fur babies.

Health and wellness benefits

Stryker opened an all-new office last year that’s designed with employees’ health in mind. The 89,000-square-foot space features activity-based workspaces (like standing desks), circadian lighting that adjusts based on time of day, a basketball court and healthier food options.

Facebook extended its bereavement leave policy last year to up to 20 days, a policy developed after Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg suddenly lost her husband.

Education benefits

Amazon now offers to prepay 95% of tuition, textbooks, and fees for its employees to receive training in “professions of the future.”

The Walt Disney Company made an initial investment of $50 million at the beginning of the year in an ongoing education program specifically designed to cover tuition costs for hourly employees.

LVMH’s Institut des Métiers d’Excellence has been training aspiring artisans in everything from silversmithing to viticulture

Diversity benefits

NFL adopted a rule in 2003 that NFL teams have to interview at least one minority candidate for head-coaching vacancies when an in-house successor was not named in advance. The rule has been applied across NFL jobs, according to Robert Gulliver, NFL’s chief human resources officer.

Salesforce does continuous audits of its salary data and has spent $6 million trying to ensure equal compensation across gender and race.

Others of interest

Live Nation is one of the just 3% of companies in the U.S. offering student debt assistance. The company matches employees’ student loan contributions up to $1,200 a year, maxing out at $6,000

Time Warner will move its corporate headquarters — and 5,000 employees — to a brand-new 90-story building in Chelsea next year that will have the highest outdoor observation deck in New York City.

Alphabet’s newest offices include sky-high dog parks, indoor fire pits, and bouldering walls.

ADP gives employees paid time off to share their skills and expertise with nonprofits. The ADP Foundation will match employee charitable donations, dollar per dollar, up to $3,000 each year.

Apple offers its employees a 25% discount on the company’s devices.

Comcast NBCUniversal employees get complimentary access to Universal theme parks, discounts on resorts and early access to NBCUniversal movies and TV shows.

Tesla has a carpool program that allows employees to drive a Tesla to work — and keep it on weekends.

Netflix doesn’t have policies on vacation time, paid parental leave, dress code or expenses. “We trust our teams to do what they think is best for Netflix,” the company says.