Survey: 26% of employees say they’ve gained more than 10 pounds at their current job

New data from CareerBuilder shows that 26% of employees say they have put on more than 10 pounds in their current position.

The Harris Poll surveyed more than 1,000 American, adult, full-time workers — who don’t work for the government or themselves — for CareerBuilder’s research.

The nature of chowing down in the office

Seventy-two percent of people said that they eat snacks at work, 23% eat lunch outside of work a minimum of three times weekly, and 63% eat lunch at their workspace. Overall, 45% of people surveyed think they’ve gotten heavier in their current role and 57% consider themselves “overweight.”

But while eating at your desk is a very real thing, there’s still hope when it comes to staying active: CareerBuilder reports that “consistency is key – 26% of U.S. workers who regularly work out four or more days a week say they lost weight at their present job, compared to 12% of those who regularly work out three or fewer days a week.”

Michael Erwin, senior career advisor at CareerBuilder, commented on the research in a statement.

“Employers understand that healthy employees lead to a more productive workforce and are taking steps to promote healthier lifestyles both in and out of the workplace … 10% of employees are not sure if their employer offers wellness benefits. Focusing on the education of these types of benefits goes a long way to not only improve the overall health of the workforce, but can help with retention of talent,” he said.

Just 30% of people surveyed report that they have access to “gym passes, workout facilities or wellness benefits” through their employers, although 19% of people within this pool say that they don’t use these amenities.

What people think leads to putting on weight at work

Here’s the breakdown, according to people who say they’ve put on pounds at work:

  • “Sitting at a desk most of the day:” 53%
  • “Too tired from work to exercise:” 49%
  • “Eating because of stress:” 41%
  • “No time to exercise before or after work:” 34%
  • “The temptation of the office candy jar:” 21%
  • “Eating out regularly:” 21%
  • “Workplace celebrations:” 13%
  • “Having to skip meals because of time constraints:” 12%
  • “Happy hours:” 6%
  • “Pressure to eat food co-workers bring in:” 6%

Of the 42% of employees who say hitting the gym is not something they do “regularly,” or ever, for that matter, 48% of them report putting on weight in their role. Eleven percent of people surveyed say they’ve put on more than 20 pounds in this same setting.

The West is the American region with the most people who say they work out “on a regular basis,” at 63%. But taking a step back, 58% surveyed overall say they do so with this frequency, even though “more than a third of workers” have gotten heavier because they either “don’t have time” or are “too tired” to hit the gym.