Tired at work? Try out this new nap pod lounge

As the afternoon drags on, you may want to disappear from the world a little while and take a nap to recharge and refresh yourself. When you work in an office that may be an impossibility. Enter the rise of the nap pod service for employees seeking a relaxing break from office drudgery.

For $25 you can nap for 45 minutes in New York City

Casper, the company that brought you a mattress in a box, has just opened a nap destination spot in New York City on Wednesday called The Dreamery that promises to give you a place to “rest and recharge.”

For $25, customers can book a 45-minute nap where they can sleep on a Casper mattress in a room that has sound absorption and ventilation for air flow. Pajamas, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and complimentary beverages are also provided to help customers get into sleep mode.

What makes a good nap?

This is not the only service offering a place to nap for a price. At Nap York, you can book a nap pod at any time — day or night — in midtown Manhattan to nap in for $10. There, the minimum nap time is 30 minutes.

Deciding how long you want to nap depends on what you want to get out of it. A 20-minute snooze is enough to boost alertness and concentration, and improve your mood. But if you want to improve your memory recall, try and take a longer nap. One study found that an hourlong afternoon siesta after lunch improved 3,000 elderly people’s ability to recall tasks.

Whatever your nap needs, recognize that naps are a remediation effort to living in a tired world. Sometimes, working towards not needing to nap all the time during work hours is the better long-term goal. “If your employees were not exhausted, they would not need to take a nap,” organizational behavior professor Jeffrey Pfeffer has said.