This study will make you want to be back in the office again

Americans continue to work longer hours during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study.

Employees in the US are working an additional three hours per day due to remote working, a new study by NordVPN Teams reported. The report from the VPN server showed how people have been working compared to pre-quarantine times where UK and US workers continue to work more hours, while other European nations have slipped back into pre-quarantine work conditions.

In the US, the average workweek has increased by nearly 40%, according to the survey. Workers are adding an additional 15 hours per week, which amounts to more than an extra week of work. The study, which has been tracking these metrics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, said it’s the largest jump worldwide since April.

Countries like Canada, France, and Spain are back to their old working ways despite earlier data showing a two-hour uptick in working hours. The study attributes this change to offices reopening in parts of Europe.

“The data has also revealed that the UK seems to start work an hour later than before the quarantine, but both the US and UK tend to work late. We also see that there is no significant drop in the usage of business VPNs during lunchtime, which might suggest that lunch breaks have become shorter,” Juta Gurinaviciute, Chief Technology Officer at NordVPN Teams, said in a statement.