This is the state that is the most obsessed with avocados

This is a bad time for avocado lovers so, you know, all Millennials and everyone who has ever been to brunch in their lives (so pretty much everyone in the world.) According to a report from USA Today, the wholesale prices of mid-sized avocados from Mexico were 129% higher than at this time last July and the highest price overall in a decade. This means soon we will all be shelling out extra money to buy our precious overly hyped avocados.

But which group of people will suffer the most? Well since today is National Avocado Day Grubhub Data looked at who in this country really loves avocados the most and you may be surprised by the results.

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States that order avocados the most:

  1. New York
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. New Jersey
  4. Connecticut

How people order their avocados

Though avocado toast may have become part of the cultural identity, people are all about avocado salads and sandwiches. Grubhub looked at dishes with avocado and guacamole already included in 2018 as compared to 2019 to see what rose in popularity.

  • Avocado turkey burger: 385% more popular
  • Sesame avocado: 234% more popular
  • Chicken avocado melt: 152% more popular
  • Quinoa avocado salad: 141% more popular
  • Chicken avocado arepa: 134% more popular

How people want their avocados by region

They also looked at dishes with avocado and guacamole in each region as compared to the rest of the country to see what ranked highest in popularity.

The Midwest: Veggie-friendly dishes

  • Stuffed avocado: 192% more popular
  • Avocado smoothie: 183% more popular
  • Fried avocado taco: 161% more popular

The Northeast: Sushi

  • Tuna avocado: 394% more popular
  • Avocado and cucumber roll: 365% more popular
  • Avocado toast tartine: 253% more popular

The South: Excess!

  • Avocado spring roll: 315% more popular
  • Shrimp and avocado salad: 268% more popular
  • Lobster avocado roll: 190% more popular

The West: Keeping it interesting!

  • Avocado curry: 640% more popular
  • Avocado egg roll: 477% more popular
  • Mango avocado salad: 173% more popular

And who likes to have a little avocado (or guac) on the side? Grubhub looked at dishes with avocado and guacamole added on as a side in 2018 as compared to 2019 to see what rose in popularity.

  • Quesadilla: 274% more popular
  • Impossible burger: 263% more popular
  • Poke bowl: 246% more popular
  • Nachos: 208% more popular
  • Pork burrito: 141% more popular

Quirkiest orders featuring avocado

And what were the weirdos ordering?

  • Avocado pancakes
  • Bleu cheese & avocado wedge
  • Waffle & avocado
  • Raw walnut, sunflower, & guac pate
  • Avocado affogato
  • Avocado ice cream sundae