Major airline’s staff claims no transportation, lodging provided on the job

American Airlines pilots and flight attendants are sleeping in the airport and outside of baggage claim areas because the airline isn’t providing enough transportation and adequate hotels during layovers, according to grievances filed on Tuesday.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants and Allied Pilots Association, labor unions that represent over 40,000 American Airlines pilots and flight attendants, filed the grievances on behalf of members.

APFA National President Julie Hedrick said in a statement accompanying the filing, “We have Flight Attendants sleeping in airports and outside of baggage claim due to the company not providing hotel accommodations in a timely manner. Crew rest is being impacted, and clean, comfortable, and quiet rooms are not being provided for required rest.”

An American Airlines spokesperson said taking care of crew members is a priority for the company.

The grievances cited specific examples of crew members sleeping in cots and noted that they also face long wait times when trying to contact third-party support lines.

APA, the pilots’ union, says it wants pilots reimbursed for lodging expenses they incur, including instances where they have to find their own hotel rooms.

This article originally appeared in Entrepreneur.