Taxes, go to DMV, and visit the dentist: Things people rather do than move

Starting anew might seem like an exciting task, but packing your life away and moving elsewhere can be extremely difficult. For Americans, it’s become so stressful that some would rather give up alcohol and even go to the dentist than move, according to a new study.

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 Americans on the stressors of moving, finding that nearly half of respondents (43%) said they would give up alcohol rather than move. More than a third said they’d either give up chocolate or rather stand in line at their local DMV to avoid moving, while 35% admitted they’d rather file taxes than moving. Twenty-nine percent reported something unthinkable — they’d rather go to the dentist than move.

Cleaning, packing and moving chairs. Oh my!

The study, which examined moving behaviors and patterns of people, also found the top five worst moving mistakes, which 45% of respondents said was the dreaded last-minute packing.

More than a third feared over-packing, specifically furniture, which wouldn’t fit into the new room that they planned to move into. Thirty-six percent said moving everything by themselves was their biggest mistake while 35% said they didn’t have enough money saved for moving expenses.

The most stressful part of moving, according to 41% of respondents, was cleaning their old place. Others don’t look forward to assembling furniture together while planning the actual move hit a nerve with more than a third.  34 percent said managing children during a move was also a troubling stressor.

Respondents offered some tips on how to avoid their past mistakes, which included giving yourself enough time to plan everything out, understanding the measurements of your new space in order for furniture to fit through doorways, and throwing away or donating items that are no longer needed.