This is what half of American parents would take a pay cut for

Would you take a pay cut for better quality childcare?

More than half of American parents said they would accept a pay cut in order to work for a company that provides quality care, according to a new survey, powered by KinderCare with Harris Poll.

The 2019 Parent Confidence Report found that 55% of parents were open to less pay for better company provided childcare, while 67% reported that they believe their employers should offset the cost of childcare for employees.

Shockingly, many parents don’t feel the love from their employers. Only 22% felt they were supported as a parent by an employer and 19% claimed that their bosses supported them.

“Workplaces are being challenged to transform their culture and support employees more, both personally and professionally,” the study says.

It’s not exactly surprising to see parents wanting more from their employers from child care. The US Department of Agriculture said that childcare costs on average $12,350 to 13,9000 a year in the US.

In states like Massachusetts, the average annual cost is double with childcare averaging at $34,381 -per-year.

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