Survey: 25% of Americans spend 10+ hours a day on social media

A recent survey conducted by Bioidentical hormone therapy doctors at BodyLogicMD plants a giant mirror in front of America’s glowing distracted face.

An analyst of over 1,000 people suggests a sobering truth about our collective addiction to the digital realm.

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One and four respondents confessed to spending four to 10 hours on social media a day and just 25% said their time spent on social media was for business purposes.

According to the study, participants admitted to unlocking their phones an average of 92 times daily – about six unlocks per hour. 

About 50% of individuals questioned say they get their news and stay updated via Facebook, with 75% saying they use Facebook to “fill spare time.”  25% of the Americans surveyed claim that they only consume Facebook content as opposed to posting themselves. Of the majority that do post, their motivations are listed as follows:

  • 75% of men and 25% of women want to come across as funny/amusing
  • 75% of women and 50% of men want to be perceived as interesting or insightful
  • Only 25% of men want to come across as honest and trustworthy online, compared to the 75% of women that want to
  • 100% of women surveyed say they want people to find them pleasant/good-natured on the internet with a meager 25% of men in agreement

Lastly, it seems men and women want to be perceived as creative/original a pretty equal amount.

On the backs of this data, BodyLogicMD conducted a social media detox experiment on 10 random individuals.

Participants were tasked with stepping away from social media for one whole week while recording their experience in a diary.

Only 10% successfully could. In fact, one in four participants couldn’t last 3 days.  

75% of women and 50% of men said that giving up social media for seven days gave them serious anxiety. Three in four of the respondents expressed that it is particularly difficult to delete twitter from their lives and phones and 50% felt the same way about Snapchat and Instagram.

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