No, this job posting is not from the ’50s, it’s from 2018

In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal involving a staggering number of alleged cases of sexual harassment and assault, we have yet another reason to do a double-take: a tone-deaf job posting requiring a “good personality – ability to deal with the male banter and be sociable but not distracting.”

The posting for a senior Executive Assistant & Investor Relations Associate doesn’t exist on LinkedIn anymore and Quartz reports that it was taken down from Guardian Jobs.

RMS Recruitment, which describes itself in the job posting as a “boutique secretarial recruitment agency” in the Mayfair area of London, was seeking someone to fill the role for a property investment client in the area.

The job also entails working with “two Founders” for two in-house businesses while managing schedules, keeping track of spending, helping out during “staff events,” traveling, and assisting “the new Operations Officer in planning and implementing new systems and strategies,” in an office, reportedly made up of “various friends and family members.”

In addition to dealing with “male banter,” the job also requires you are “degree educated with good spelling and grammar,” have “solid PA/EA experience. Investor Relations experience,” and are “bright and emotionally intelligent.” All for a salary of £40-45K ($57-64K).

RMS recruitment later issued an apology on Twitter for the listing.