It’s Employee Appreciation Day and here’s how everyone’s celebrating

Sometimes, it can feel as though our jobs are thankless. That’s why there are holidays such as Employee Appreciation Day to remind us how much we matter.

On March 1, people took to Twitter to thank those individuals who make their companies… well… work. From CEOs to ice cream trucks, they had a lot to say.

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For many business owners and managers, sweet treats seemed to be the most popular way to celebrate how employees (not even necessarily their own) contribute to their lives and work.

Other lucky employees had masseurs come to the office to relieve their worktime stress.

But if you’re seeing these posts and getting salty that your company didn’t treat you to a spa day, don’t worry: Some people in the Twitterverse are keeping it real.

Like this guy who can’t get a photo with his entire team:

Or this woman who knows how to capture everything you’re feeling with a single meme:

So if you’re not feeling appreciated, just know you’re probably not alone. Now, time to post all about it on Twitter. After all, the hashtag is trending! Maybe your boss will see your tweets and buy you some cookies.

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