Dog owners show more affection to their dog than the people they live with

If you have a dog, you’re very likely to turn to Sparky over your family when you’re in need of comfort, according to a new survey by Wag. Nearly half (44%) said that their pup was the one they’d turn to when they needed consolation. (At least some, 34%, said they’d turn to a spouse or a significant other.)

The on-demand mobile dog-walking app surveyed 2,000 pet parents and also found that 38% of respondents said that the “person” they outwardly show the most affection to in their house is their dog. That’s actually higher than their kids (31%) and way higher than their spouses or significant others (23%.)

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Man or woman’s best friend

Pup owners felt such pride in their animals that almost one-third said they’d consider getting a tattoo representing their dog, and 15% of pet parents responded “Too late – I already have one.”

Doggie birthdays are no longer overlooked as just another day – not only are they observed more than ever, but 60% of pet owners buy their dog a birthday present, 88% feed them a special treat, and nearly 25% throw the pup a party.

Pet parents this attached worry about their dogs when they’re at work or away – 19% have technology like a “nanny cam” so they can check in on their dogs while they’re not home. Don’t worry, Fido’s still there.