Do you have a favorite child? A majority of US adults think you do

Remember when your parents promised you that they loved you and your brother equally, despite your sneaking suspicions that he was always the favorite? Well according to a majority of Americans, they lied.

Sorry to dash your hopes, but according to research by YouGov Plan & Track, 51% of US adults think that parents with multiple children tend to have a favorite. And the people who agree with them are pretty authoritative — 47% of parents with at least one child under 18 say the same.


If you need to take a moment to cry into your pillow, go right ahead. The truth hurts, but hey, knowledge is power.

It seems that favoritism is especially present in homes with 2-3 children, or at least that’s what members of those households perceive. 46% of people in households with 2-3 kids thought parents with multiple kids tend to have a favorite. As the number of kids goes up, that statistic goes down — maybe because Mom’s too tired to even pick a favorite.

Of course, none of these people are saying that THEIR parents have favorites. Or if they’re parents themselves, they’re not saying they love one of their children more than the others (wink, wink). Americans just think that generally, parents tend to have a loved child and then also a few other ones.

Credit: YouGov

It’s okay, Jimmy, mommy still loves you. Just maybe not quite as much as she does Ingrid. Maybe if you had worn your retainer and done the dishes once in a while …

Anyway, here’s to one mystery out there being thismuch closer to being solved. Even if your parents don’t love you less than your sibling, a majority of Americans think they do. And that’s what really matters, right?