These are the most (and least) patriotic states in the U.S.

The most patriotic state in America might surprise you.

Ahead of the Fourth of July, Americans everywhere will don the red, white, and blue and try to best their neighbors as being the most patriotic on the block. From hot dogs roasting on the grill to late night fireworks, it turns out that some states do it better than others.

New Hampshire took the top spot as America’s most patriotic state, according to data compiled by WalletHub. Wyoming, Vermont, Utah, and Idaho were close rounding out the top 10.

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WalletHub found Georgia to have the highest average number of military enlistees and Vermont to have the most Peace Corps volunteers.

The study focused on two key factors when dishing out a score: military engagement and civic engagement. Through several different metrics, the states were graded and accumulated an overall score. Some metrics included adults’ voting habits, Peace Corps volunteers, and active-duty military personnel.

Source: WalletHub

The five least patriotic states were New Jersey, New York, California, West Virginia, and Texas.

New York ranked amongst the five lowest states when it came to volunteer rates and its lack of veterans per Capita.

Here are the top 10 most patriotic states in the US

1. New Hampshire

2. Wyoming

3. Vermont

4. Utah

5. Idaho

6. Wisconsin

7. Alaska

8. South Carolina

9. Missouri

10. Minnesota