America’s richest zip code is on a small island – and it’s not Manhattan

Welcome to Fisher Island (zip code 33109), a 216-acre man-made private island three miles off the coast of Miami, only accessible by boat. It’s known for its high security and white sand beaches. Only 700 families live on the island. An equity membership at the beach club alone costs $250,000, and the average annual income is $2.2 million.

Notable residents past and president include Oprah, Mel Brooks,  and tennis star Boris Becker. There are also many international residents.

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This is according to Bloomberg’s annual look at the country’s richest zip codes, and it’s Fisher Island’s second year in a row as number one on the list. The list is determined by evaluating zip codes with at least 200 tax returns, as of the 2016 filing season, and 500 housing units per the latest Census survey, to extract the 300 zip codes with the highest average adjusted gross income. More than 22,000 zip codes met the criteria to be ranked.

Measuring zip codes, a relatively small area, is a way of finding areas of high income.

Other findings:

  • California and New York each had 23 zip codes in the Top 100.
  • New York City’s Tribeca (10007) jumped 17 spots to number 5. The annual income of New York’s lower west side neighborhood is $879,000.

The 100 richest zip codes

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