If you always almost miss your flight, this is what it says about your personality

As a nervous flier, I am that person that gets to the airport at least two and a half hours before my flight. I am not sure why I do this as I hate being on the plane much less near one but for some reason I think a combination of buying magazines, Chex Mix and then nervously pacing will somehow remedy my devastating aviophobia (when we all know it is the Xanax and three glasses of wine that really do trick.)

But then I have friends, as we all do, that would rather do anything then get to the airport with time to spare. In fact, they prefer it because they get a bit of an adrenaline rush. And it turns out most people fall into one of these two groups according to a new piece from The Atlantic. 

But whether you are the last person on the plane or the person with the best seat at the gate (next to the outlets of course), it really comes down to those famous Personality A and B-types. The classic Type A person is usually competitive, time-urgent or impatient and a little more, you know, intense. While Type Bs tend to be more laid back, patient and overall more relaxed, according to Simple Psychology. However, that Type B person may actually be quite anxious about flying too but the way they deal with it is procrastination.

Psychiatrist John Gerkin told The Atlantic, “One person is hyper-efficient and overprepared, and another is someone who doesn’t manage their anxiety that way. They distract and procrastinate, and next thing you know, they can’t do what they need to do to get there on time,” Gerkin said. “It’s not quite self-harm, but it’s in the same arena. It changes your feeling state and gets you out of that place that’s uncomfortable and into this place of excitement.”

There are people that get high off the lateness, of that possibility of missing the flight and the ramifications that come with that and, of course, the Home Alone airport run (that’s a natural high if ever there was one.)

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