Survey: These are the best (and worst) ‘foodie’ cities in America

How far would you travel for your favorite foods?

New data from WalletHub shows that Portland, Oregon is the “best foodie” city in the whole country, with a score of 70.27 out of 100.

The company took a look at 182 different cities, “including the 150 most populated U.S. cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state,” in terms of “Diversity, Accessibility & Quality” and “Affordability.” They then assessed them in terms of 29 other factors before eventually giving each one a score out of 100. WalletHub also used information from the U.S. Census Bureau, among other sources.

The top 10 best cities for food lovers in America

Did your city make the cut?

1) Portland, OR, total score: 70.27

2) San Francisco, CA, total score: 68.82

3) Miami, FL, total score: 68.27

4) New York, NY, total score: 67.90

5) Los Angeles, CA, total score: 67.51

6) Orlando, FL, total score: 64.48

7) Las Vegas, NV, total score: 63.16

8) Seattle, WA, total score: 61.93

9) San Diego, CA, total score: 60.03

10) Austin, TX, total score: 58.52

The bottom 10 cities for food lovers

These 10 rounded out the end of the list:

173) Chattanooga, TN, total score: 31.97

174) Fayetteville, NC, total score: 31.79

175) Moreno Valley, CA, total score: 31.58

176) Columbus, GA, total score: 31.54

177) Dover, DE, total score: 31.44

178) Jackson, MS, total score: 29.93

179) Augusta, GA, total score: 29.82

180) Montgomery, AL, total score: 29.29

181) West Valley City, UT, total score: 28.08

182) Pearl City, HI, total score: 23.83

How the cities compare to each other

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Here’s how food lovers can be mindful of their dollars

John Stanton, Ph.D., a professor at Saint Joseph’s University, told WalletHub about recommendations for “foodies” who don’t have a ton of money to spend:

“Don’t overdo the expensive ingredients. For example if you are using baby Bok Choi, but just enough for each person or use reasonable portion size you don’t want food waste to be the expensive ingredient. Don’t buy the subscription box services. You pay dearly for the same products you can get at the local stores. One of the things the subscription provides is different recipes; the budget conscious foodie can use the internet to find interesting recipes,” he said.