Survey finds that Millennials in tech won’t be promoted after the ‘ancient’ age of 36

Millennials in tech are getting the lion’s share of promotions, scooping up 70% of them, according to new data from software company Visier.

Based on an aggregated database analysis of 300,000 employees from 43 companies (a subset of their customers), newly identified data shows that not only are technology companies hiring Millennials at a faster rate (they account for more than 43% of all jobs in tech), but those same Millennials are also receiving the lion’s share of promotional opportunities.

As for the rest of the promotions, 25% went to Gen X workers, and 4.3% to Baby Boomers.

Also, it was found that the frequency of promotions for tech workers rapidly decline after age 36.

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When asked if the numbers Visier uncovered looked unusual, Dave Weisbeck, chief strategy officer, said they did.

“What the data does show is that there is a very huge disproportion of young hires [in tech], by comparison to all other industries,” he said.

While it was difficult to make accusations of ageism through data alone, Weisbeck said, “Bias is bias. So if you have bias, you should look to get rid of it.”

What he was more concerned about was the situation of older workers in tech – an industry where 40 is considered an “older worker.”

“I do worry about the bias against older workers, who are now in the twilight of their careers, and find themselves suddenly unemployable,” he said.

Ageism is an integral problem in the industry. In 2007, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said about his hiring practices, “Young people are just smarter.” A recent survey showed that age discrimination for tech founders starts at age 36.

Between 2008 and 2015, age discrimination was the subject of 226 official complaints filed against Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies.



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