Survey: 51% of younger Millennials feel the most stressed about relationships

While research has found that Millennials are much more stressed at work than their older coworkers, new Bankrate data shows that 51% of “younger Millennials” in America feel the most anxious about relationships.

GfK Custom Research surveyed 1,000 Americans for Bankrate. “Older Millennials” were defined as people ages 28 to 37, and “younger baby boomers” were defined as those ages 54 to 63.

What different generations worry about

Here is what each one is the most anxious about:

  • Younger Millennials: Relationships (51%)
  • Older Millennials: Relationships (49%)
  • Gen Xers: Relationships (42%)
  • Younger Baby Boomers: Money (39%)
  • Older Baby Boomers: Relationships (37%)
  • Silent Generation: Health (29%)

The biggest money matter that people in all generations polled worry about is putting enough cash away for retirement, at 18%.

What keeps Americans from getting enough rest when the sun sets

While 69% of people polled overall reported that “they occasionally lose sleep” because they’re concerned about something, some factors proved more worrisome than others.

Keeping that in mind, here’s what people said that they “occasionally lose sleep over,” with Bankrate noting that participants could pick multiple options:

  • Relationships: 41%
  • Money: 36%
  • Work: 30%
  • Health: 28%
  • Politics: 14%
  • None of the above: 31%

Here’s how often people of different generations miss out on sleep, all because of money worries:

  • Younger Millennials: 36%
  • Older Millennials: 43%
  • Gen Xers: 41%
  • Younger Baby Boomers: 39%
  • Older Baby Boomers: 27%
  • Silent Generation: 13% analyst Amanda Dixon commented the research in a statement, showing why it’s not surprising that millennials don’t always get enough rest because of their problems.

“Millennials have a lot to worry about. … The economy overall is in good shape, but wages are stagnant, housing costs are rising and the job market has become more competitive. It’s no wonder so many 20- and 30-somethings lie awake at night,” she said.