Survey: These cities will literally give you the most bang for your buck this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July always presents a bunch of travel possibilities, but WalletHub has officially revealed the top destination to celebrate this year: New York City.

The company examined 100 American cities with the biggest populations in five areas: “attractions and activities,” “Fourth of July celebrations,” “safety & accessibility,” “affordability” and the “weather forecast.”

They examined these five in terms of 19 factors, and each city eventually got a “total score” out of 100.

Top places to celebrate July Fourth

Here are the top 15 cities according to WalletHub:

1) New York, NY (total score: 72.14)

2) Los Angeles, CA (total score: 71.36)

3) Chicago, IL (total score: 68.30)

4) Denver, CO (total score: 67.12)

5) Seattle, WA (total score: 65.85)

6) Atlanta, GA (total score: 65.85)

7) Milwaukee, WI (total score: 64.61)

8) San Diego, CA (total score: 64.39)

9) Washington, DC (total score: 63.74)

10) Buffalo, NY (total score: 63.11)

11) Dallas, TX (total score: 63.11)

12) New Orleans (total score: 62.82)

13) Minneapolis, MN (total score: 60.40)

14) Las Vegas, NV (total score: 60.20)

15) Sacramento, CA (total score: 59.73)

Wait, but which city came in last? San Bernardino, CA was the 100th-ranked city, with a total score of 33.02.

How the cities compare to each other

Check out the breakdown.

The Fourth of July is on a Wednesday: what this means for you

Evan Jordan, an Assistant Professor in the School of Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University and Founder of The Trip Doctor Blog and Podcast, told WalletHub about the consequences of the Fourth of July being on a Wednesday this time around (in terms of traveling and costs).

“Timing plays a big role in the distance and amount of time people are willing to travel for their holiday celebrations, and Wednesday is unfortunately equidistant between weekends. Those with limited vacation time may think twice about taking two days off to extend their trip,” he told the site. “In all likelihood, a Wednesday Fourth of July will mean many people stay much closer to home for their celebrations, resulting in higher visitation to day-trip destinations.”