Survey: 40% of moms fake enthusiasm over Mother’s Day presents

When your Mom opens the gift you gave her on Mother’s Day, the enthusiasm she gives you may be fake. According to a new survey conducted by e-commerce site Groupon, 40% of moms are faking their reaction to gifts they receive on Mother’s Day.

The 5 signs your mom is faking her love of the gift 

If your mom says “I really needed one of these,” she may be faking it. Here are the top reactions mothers said they used to act out enthusiasm and mask disappointment:

  1. Thank you
  2. Awww!
  3. I love it
  4. Wow, this is great, thanks
  5. I really need one of these!

Good luck on telling if your Mom is giving an Oscar-winning performance or not. Since these reactions are the same as the ones we give when we genuinely enjoy a present, it can be hard deciphering what’s real or fake gratitude.

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To give ourselves a better chance of getting a genuine reaction of joy, many of us enlist help from our siblings. In the Groupon survey, 66% of Americans said they checked in with their siblings to see what they bought their mother, according to the Groupon survey. On average, respondents said they spent $75 on a gift for Mother’s Day.

If you are still scrambling on what to get your mother for the upcoming holiday, try scrapping the traditional flowers and giving her time away from her responsibilities as a parent.

As Natalie Iovino-Schoenfeld, a mother of two, put it, Mother’s Days can be “a bust” when the pressure is on the mother to make it special: “I’m expected to share in all of the same responsibilities that I always do — when really, all I would like is a break from them for one day. Maybe not have to be the first one up to change a diaper, or be allowed to stay in bed for an extra hour,” she said.