Shake Shack to try 4-day workweek at Vegas location

It’s a win for the four-day work week: milkshake and burger joint Shake Shack will experiment with a four-day workweek at some of its Las Vegas locations.

The move is part of a battle to increase manager retention, CEO Randy Garutti said during the JPMorgan investment conference last Thursday, according to HR Dive. “It has never been harder to find great people to lead restaurants,” Garutti said.

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Shake Shack is pulling out all the stops to get managers to stay, introducing an equity program for general managers giving them a stake in the company. There are also equity awards of $10,000 to each general manager, as was said during a February earnings call.

Shake Shack joins other three- to four-day workweek restaurants such as Michelin-starred Norwegian restaurant Maaemo, 21212 in Edinburg, Scotland, and Alabama locations of the chain Aloha Hospitality. Economists have also argued that there are numerous benefits of this condensed work week.

The restaurant business is currently in a bind over the need to attract and keep employees in a tight labor market in an industry with high turnover – more than 70% for the second year in a row, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics.

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