Savvy 9-year-old boy becomes chief financial officer for a day at KIND

Every kid’s dream is to be a chief financial officer someday, right?

Well, maybe not, but a little initiative and curiosity helped 9-year-old Alex Múnoz make it to the executive suite about three decades ahead of time. His brilliant idea: why didn’t the private company look to go public and list its shares on a stock exchange, where everyone could buy them?

A letter to Daniel Lubetzky, CEO and Founder of snack company KIND, helped nine-year-old Múnoz land a spot as “CFO For a Day” at the company’s New York headquarters— as well as 10 shares of the private company, according to CNBC.

A KIND spokesperson told Ladders that Múnoz is the company’s youngest-ever shareholder.

So how did Múnoz, who reportedly just completed third grade, get his corporate finance idea? His parents taught him a lot. Múnoz  learned about investing from his mom, which led to the family brainstorming the idea that Alex would invest $500. Alex’s father is Don Munoz, CFO at biopharmaceutical company NuCana and a former investment banker. Investment bankers advise companies on their financial choices, including mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and selling bonds — so he was probably an excellent guide for young Alex on what KIND’s options could be.

Múnoz wrote to Lubetzky saying that he’d been looking into KIND, wants to invest with some money he has coming soon, and that his family buys KIND bars.

“Do you know when you will go public?” the boy said in the letter, in addition to asking again. Alex used a perfect networking technique, too: bonding with Lubetzy about their similar backgrounds.

Alex’s mom, Dara Múnoz, told ABC News she gave her son a savvy boost.

“I reached Daniel’s assistant and I told her I had a funny letter and I thought that it would make her laugh. I didn’t think any of this would happen,” Múnoz told the media outlet.

Lubetzky ended up receiving the letter and let Múnoz be “CFO For A Day” at the headquarters, where they met.

The spokesperson also told Ladders that before they got 10 shares, the Múnoz family did not own any shares of the company, or have any other connections to the company.

Alex’s letter to the boss


Alex in action at KIND headquarters

KIND CEO and founder Daniel Lubetzky tweeted a photo of from Alex’s visit.

Here’s Alex with KIND’s actual CFO.

So what else did the little CFO do that day?

Múnoz received business cards from the company, got to taste and rate different KIND bars from 1-10 and had a meeting with the current CFO, Zahir Ibrahim, who talked to him about being a good CFO, according to ABC News.

The boy reportedly has ideas for KIND other than going public, like: making commercials, investing further in “its charitable projects,” and developing more products.

“Alex is a remarkable kid, and he’s lucky to have parents who indulge his intellectual curiosity. When he began to ask about investing, they encouraged him to explore. Over the years, I’ve realized that much of our success in life stems from luck. But much of that luck is also related to our persistence in the game. If you don’t play the game, after all, you can’t score. It is critical that we build—in ourselves and in our offspring—the self-confidence necessary to keep playing the game, even if we don’t think we are good at it. I love that Alex’s parents encouraged him to take risks and learn by doing…” Lubetzky wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Sometimes, starting early comes with generous perks.