The Google Chrome extension Memento Mori would like to remind you that death awaits us all

Seize the day, they said. It would be easy, they said. Just kidding.

Now, there’s an easier way to potentially make sure that work isn’t your everything. It’s called Memento Mori, a clock without days that counts down on your computer, because as we all know, our time here is limited.

Go to the website or add the extension to your Google Chrome browser to have it pop up every time you click open a new tab and remind you that “Your time is limited.”

Here’s why you shouldn’t waste the time you have

The creator, who goes by William, or @wimgz on Twitter, writes in a Medium blog post that he was motivated to create the clock because of the concept of “memento mori,” or the Stoic idea that you will eventually die.

In other words, you won’t always be around, so you should use your time wisely.

He writes that he was also inspired by Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday, who reportedly have coins with the same reference on them, and Stripe CEO Patrick Collison whose computer has a life “countdown.”

As he hammers home in the post,“if you are to die soon, then you should make your time count. Stop wasting these precious seconds! Stop wasting time on Facebook. Go build something. Go spend some time with your loved one.”

William continues, writing on a lighter note that we shouldn’t “take anything too seriously” since life is so fleeting, relatively speaking.

But if Memento Mori’s URL address isn’t enough of a reminder for you that your time really is precious — it’s literally “” — the constant ticking of the clock will surely do the trick once you enable the sound feature.