This is the city where the happiest people in America live

You may love your job but if you hate the city you live in, it can really impact your overall happiness level (as can your salary.) Relocating could make you so much more content.

Personal finance site WalletHub decided to determine which among more than 180 of the largest U.S. cities is home to the happiest people in America. They looked at 28 key indicators of happiness, ranging from depression rate to income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day. So where do all the happy people live?

It seems that California girls and boys are having all the fun. The happiest city in the United States is Fremont, Calif., with San Jose, Calif. coming in third. Two other California cities made it into the Top 10, and another four counted in the Top 20.

  1. Fremont, CA
  2. Bismarck, ND
  3. San Jose, CA
  4. Pearl City, HI
  5. Plano, TX
  6. Fargo, ND
  7. Sioux Falls, SD
  8. Irvine, CA
  9. Huntington Beach, CA
  10. Grand Prairie, TX
  11. Madison, WI
  12. Columbia, MD
  13. San Francisco, CA
  14. Scottsdale, AZ
  15. Overland Park, KS
  16. Santa Clarita, CA
  17. Glendale, CA
  18. Oakland, CA
  19. St. Paul, MN
  20. Gilbert, AZ

Fewer work hours doesn’t equal happiness

Surprisingly, the six cities — Burlington, Vt.; Tallahassee, Fla.; Providence, R.I.; Missoula, Mont.; Madison, Wisc.; Bridgeport, Conn. — that had the fewest work hours did not make it into the top 20 happiest cities. And Plano, Texas, which did make it into the Top 10, was one of the cities that ranked high for most work hours.

For highest income growth Bismarck, ND ranked No.1 and it did make it into the top 10 overall happiest cities. However, the rest of cities with high-income growths did not make it into the top 20 except for San Francisco.

Though Overland Park, Kan. had the lowest adequate-sleep rate at 26.4%, it did make it into the Top 20. This was 1.9 times lower than in Detroit, the city with the highest at 50.8%.

Cheyenne, Wyo. had the lowest average commute time, 14.6 minutes, which is 2.8 times lower than in New York City, which has the longest commute at 40.3 minutes. Neither of these cities made it into the Top 20. Check out the full report here.