The states where people fight, drink, and cheat the most … at their own weddings

A survey of 1,227 Americans who reported having weddings lends some light to the dark side of matrimony.

For a shocking number of brides and grooms, the “I do” is sandwiched between a day of fighting, heavy drinking, and even infidelity.

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There goes the bride

Nearly 10% of all the brides and grooms surveyed in Lawnstarter’s report confessed to the urge to sleep with someone else on their wedding day, and a collective 6% successfully acted on it.

Men were found to be more prominent culprits. A staggering 21% of grooms disclosed their desire to hook up with someone other than their bride at their wedding and 12% went through with it. Comparatively, 10% of brides divulged their urge to cheat at their wedding, though only 6% actualized this want.

About one and nine brides and grooms said they were hit on by guests on their wedding, and 3% said they witnessed these advances happen to their soon to be spouses.

Sickness and in health

Drinking might play a huge role in fueling improper behavior at nuptials.  Brides and grooms averaged about 2.2 drinks before speaking their vows.

New Hampshire reported the highest instances of wedding boozing, (New Hampshire also claims the lead for nationwide beer consumption, with each resident downing about 43 gallons annually).

Couples from New Hampshire pound an average of 10.4 drinks before slurring ‘I Do.’ South Dakota staggers close behind, with an average of 10.3 pre-vow drinks.

Check out the Top 10 list of states that drink the most before the ceremony even begins: 

1. New Hampshire (10.4 drinks)
2. South Dakota (10.3)
3. Louisiana (6.3)
4. Indiana (5.6)
5. Kansas (5.3)
6. Nebraska (4)
7. Michigan (3.9)
8. Texas (3.8)
9. Utah (3.6)
10. New York (3.3)

Kudos to the good residents of the following states, as they’re all tied with an average of zero beers imbibed before vows. Here’s a full list of states that keep it classy at their weddings:

1 (tie) Delaware, North Dakota, Alaska, and Wyoming (0 drinks)
5. Maine (0.2)
6. West Virginia (0.3)
7. Oregon (0.42)
8. Oklahoma (0.44)
9. Ohio (0.45)
10. Vermont (0.5)

Love hurts

About one in eleven weddings feature some kind of physical altercation. Nebraska leads the charge, with 33%.

Here’s the full list of the rowdiest wedding attendants.

  1. Nebraska (33%)
  2. Kentucky (32%)
  3. Kansas (25%)
  4. Texas (17%)

Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming all reported zero instances of violence at their wedding ceremonies.

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